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Get Accurate, Reliable Weather Measurement Data

Leading organizations rely on OTT HydroMet for accurate and reliable weather data supporting fundamental monitoring and scientific research.

Sustainability is an often-used word, but building environmental monitoring networks is complicated and expensive. Therefore, it is important to consider sustainability in the form of the service life of the system when planning measurement networks. Since this typically should last longer than 10 years, the system must allow permanent modernization and improvements.

OTT HydroMet meteorological technologies offer long-term stability, extreme ruggedness, precision and reliability even under extreme conditions.

LufftAcademy Webinar - Applications & Products on Wind and Weather Markets

Travel around the world with OTT HydroMet's Lufft brand and discover worldwide applications. Learn more about the meteorological markets and our weather sensors. Immerse into the history of meteorology and get a closer look at a project in the Philippines.

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Offshore wind farms and increasingly large solar parks play an important role in global energy supply. Our mobility knows no bounds. We rely on an infrastructure that functions efficiently - on land, in water or in the air.

Experienced decision-makers ensure that “outdoor” technology operates flawlessly. Environmental sensors are indispensable here as the basis for decisions.

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Meteorology and Climatology Related Resources

Optical Sensors

Learn more about our tried and tested optical sensors validated by recent case studies.


Calibration of cloud radars with OTT Parsivel² disdrometer data

Radars are indispensable instruments for the observation of the spatio-temporal distribution of precipitation. Their manufacturers pay careful attention to the calibration and quality control of radar components. But why is this necessary and what is the best way to do it?

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Comparison between Laser & Ultrasonic Systems

Are you faced with the decision of finding a snow depth sensor that best suits your application? In general, there are two measuring principles available: Laser and ultrasound. To ease your decision, we have prepared a technology comparison that shows the differences.

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10 Years Lufft WS Product Family - A Success Story

In 2008, with the WS600 and WS400 weather stations, the first two derivatives of the successful WS series were launched. 10 years later, more than 20 different models are available and thousands of weather stations are installed all over the world. Discover more in this video.


Introducing the CHM8k: LIDAR-based Cloud Height Sensor / Ceilometer

The Lufft ceilometer series, including the CHM8k and the CHM15k, was designed to work throughout the year and in any climate. Due to their double case structure combined with a window blower and an automatic heating system, the ceilometers are free of fogging, precipitation, freezing or overheating issues.
Download the Lufft CHM8k sensor guide presentation to learn more about the key features, benefits and technical specifications for the new CHM8k.


In the Field

Lufft ceilometers used in large meteo networks of DWD & KNMI

In 2015, two big tenders were won by Lufft – one from the “KNMI” (Dutch Royal Weather Service), and the other one from the biggest German Weather Service “DWD” (“Deutscher Wetterdienst”). Both of them were looking for a cloud height sensor capable of measurements up to 12 kilometers into the sky.

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Several Lufft CHM 15k ceilometer projects in India

The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology has deployed Lufft CHM 15k ceilometers for several research studies.

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Hydro-Met Station with WTB100 and WS501 in Malaysia

Learn about the success story of our Malaysian sales partner from TCK e-solutions, Sdn Bhd, installing a hydro-met station for the Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia.

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OTT Pluvio² L in use for a research project in Antarctica

Close to McMurdo Station in Antarctica, researchers from the University of Colorado, Boulder and the National Center for Atmospheric Research are investigating methods to measure the accumulating snowfall in the harsh Antarctic environment. These measurements are important to better understand the potential for sea level rise in the future due to climate change.

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Lufft Snow Height Sensor SHM30 at ICIMOD-Station in Yala Glacier, Nepal

Three of twelve meteo stations in Langtang Valley, Himalayas, and Nepal are equipped with Lufft SHM30 snow depth sensors. The solar-powered measurement sites deliver information for glaciological, meteorological, and hydrological fieldwork.

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Ceilometer Network "ALICEnet"

ALICEnet is a network of monitoring stations operated by Italian research institutions and environmental authorities with the mission of improving the multidisciplinary use of environmental data.

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