OTT Pluvio² S Weighing Rain Gauge, 200 cm²/400 mm

OTT Pluvio² S Weighing Rain Gauge, 200 cm²/400 mm

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The OTT Pluvio² S weighing precipitation gauge measures the intensity and cumulative precipitation in a broad measuring range from 0 to 3,000 mm/h.

The professional rain gauge is a further development of the tried-and-tested OTT Pluvio², with state-of-the-art technology in a compact design that captures up to 400 mm of precipitation on a collecting area of 200 cm². It is virtually maintenance-free, fits onto 2-inch pedestals, needs little space and can replace conventional rain gauges or tipping buckets without any structural work.


  • Agriculture
  • Flood Warning
  • Meteorology Observations
  • Meteorology Research
  • Precipitation


Cutting-edge precision exceeding WMO No.8 standards

Meticulous capture of precipitation events between 0.03 and 3,000 mm/h via a proprietary weighing measurement method, which features algorithmic data verifications, life-time measuring accuracy of ±0.1 mm, and a hermetically sealed, stainless steel load cell protected against environmental impacts.

Reliable operation independent of isolation or extreme weather

Provides exact data on solid precipitation in temperatures ranging from -40 to +60 °C with minimal energy requirements, which proves ideal for independent and solar-powered stations in remote mountain settings where human observers are not available. An optional orifice ring heater may be equipped to prevent measuring errors related to the evaporation effects of snow deposits or ice buildup along the rim, while an anti-freeze agent may be added to further counteract prolonged freezing seasons.

Virtually maintenance-free precipitation measurement

With both the load cell and sensor electronics calibrated for the life of the unit, the OTT Pluvio² S drastically reduces the amount of manual interaction associated with precipitation measurement. Designed to eliminate regular cleaning, protect against overvoltage, and alert in instances of error such as collecting bucket overflow, system automation leaves little for observers beyond occasional visual inspection and collecting bucket discharge.

Seamless integration into urban and rural measuring networks

Compact, lightweight, and low energy consumption, this precipitation gauge installs easily on existing 50 cm x 50 cm concrete bases or vibration-free 2-inch pedestals. Its minimal space requirements are ideal alongside roads, at isolated rural observation stations, and in dense urban environments, while its ease of use and configuration through its USB interface benefit any setting.

Plausibility checked, algorithm adjusted meteorological data

To ensure data integrity, plausibility checks actively verify raw precipitation data through an algorithm factoring signal analysis, filtration, and noise reduction, which adjusts meteorological data as needed by eliminating outside influences affecting the result, such as wind or temperature.

Immediate and long-term economic viability

Diminished reliance on observer interaction coupled with low overall operation costs per unit across a measuring network produce tangible savings in both the immediate and long term. Durability, lifelong instrument calibration, and minimal energy consumption, which may be further reduced to accommodate solar operation, limit long-term expenditure; while the portability, ease of installation, data quality, and accuracy safeguards of the OTT Pluvio² S provide immediate dividends.