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Solar Energy

Solar Energy

PV Monitoring, Rooftop Monitoring, Solar Radiation Measurement

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Atmospheric Meteorology, Solar and Wind Energy, Traffic Weather

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Water Resource Management, Flood Warning, Agriculture

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The AQUARIUS water data management software

It's not as simple as just collecting water data and making decisions, the end. There's much more to your job - and your data - than that. Like water itself, your data is fluid - made up of an unruly outpouring of information from many different sources, flooding into many different places. Meet AQUARIUS, the world's leading software platform for water data management.

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Webinar - Proactive Flood Management in Canada with AQUARIUS

Learn how data-driven watershed management enables proactive flood response, from monitoring station setup and maintenance all the way to situational response.

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aviation weather

Whitepaper - Aviation Weather - MARWIS for TALPA Improvements

How new technology for runway weather detection can reduce risks in takeoff and landing - performance assessment.


SVR 100

Free Whitepaper - OTT SVR 100

Surface Velocity Radar for Measuring Open Channel Flow.



The Nitty Gritty on Soiling, a New Whitepaper 

DustIQ measures soiling of PV modules. But what is soiling exactly? How does it influence the plant performance and loss of yield?


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