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We enable decisions that protect lives and the environment.

Solutions for Hydrology, Meteorology, and Solar Energy

We are OTT HydroMet

We deliver superior customer outcomes by providing decision-makers with vital insights they trust. 
Our exceptional technical expertise and solutions seamlessly integrate hardware, software, and services across an unmatched range of environmental monitoring applications.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

PV Monitoring, Rooftop Monitoring, Solar Radiation Measurement

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Atmospheric Meteorology, Solar and Wind Energy, Traffic Weather

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Water Resource Management, Flood Warning, Agriculture

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Confidence in your water data

Introducing the OTT PLS 500: Smart pressure level sensor for reliable water level and temperature monitoring.

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AQUARIUS Water Data Management

It's not as simple as just collecting water data and making decisions. There's much more to your job - and your data - than that.

Meet AQUARIUS, the world's leading software platform for water data management.

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Clarity for all conditions

Discover the new SMP12 Class A Pyranometer. Industry-first integrated dome heating with no moving parts, enhanced surge protection, and remote tilt angle monitoring.

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SMP12 Class A Pyranometer


15% Discount on Pyranometer Calibrations

IEC61724 recommends Class A sensors be re-calibrated once every 2 years, or more frequently per manufacturer recommendations and for Class B sensors, according to manufacturer recommendations.

To ensure an accurate and reliable measurement, and to stay compliant with IEC and WMO recommendations, we at OTT HydroMet suggest getting pyranometers re-calibrated every two years.

To this end we are offering the month of calibration for pyranometers, where you will not only get 15% discount per calibration but also a quick turn-around time.

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Solar Energy Insights 2022: Technologies, Trends, Soiling & Applications

Discover the third issue of OTT HydroMet Insights! This time, we take a detailed look at the solar energy landscape, international standards, new applications and technologies.

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2023 Watershed Monitoring Trends

To gain better insight into the evolving landscape of environmental monitoring, we combined global data and market research to synthesize the top three trends to keep an eye on in the new year. Here we explore the trends, associated challenges, and how OTT HydroMet plans to rise to the occasion..

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aviation weather

Whitepaper - Aviation Weather - MARWIS for TALPA Improvements

How new technology for runway weather detection can reduce risks in takeoff and landing - performance assessment.


ecoLog 1000

Video: OTT ecoLog 1000

Watch a visual walkthrough on how the OTT ecoLog 1000 is a complete in-well monitoring solution which collects more groundwater data with fewer resources.

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Meteorological Station

Building an Effective Meteorological Station for Solar PV

Read our blog article to learn about:

  • Why you should care about the weather to optimize plant performance
  • Relevant atmospheric parameters and how they impact energy generation
  • Technical setup to monitor air temperature, wind direction and speed, precipitation, humidity, and air pressure

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