Lufft Ceilometers Used in Large Meteo Networks of DWD & KNMI


In 2015, two big tenders were won by Lufft – one from the “KNMI” (Dutch Royal Weather Service), and the other from German Weather Service “DWD” (“Deutscher Wetterdienst”). Both were looking for a cloud height sensor capable of measurements up to 12 kilometers into the sky. 

Cloud Height Sensors Capable of Measuring Up to 15K in the Sky

The Lufft CHM 15k can detect different cloud layers which are even up to 15 kilometers high. Through the tenders, both weather services found the right sensors to renew or extend their existing measurement network.

Thereby KNMI replaced 39 devices over a time period of two years. The DWD installed more than 100 ceilometers over the upcoming years.

The weather services use the ceilometers for different fields of application and supply corresponding customer groups with the collected measurement data. These include civil and military airport managers, flight weather consultants, environmental measurement technology users as well as climate researchers.

Further research about the atmospheric particle distribution and the determination of mixing layer depths was conducted. The ceilometers are also useful for the improvement of weather forecast models, which are fed with additional air pollution data.

Through this, e.g. heavy rain can be better predicted. KNMI has similar customer groups but are more focused on the offshore use, where cloud formations are due to increasing air traffic which is important information for oil, wind and assembly platforms.

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