OTT Pluvio² L 400 RH Weighing Rain Gauge, 400 cm²/750 mm, Heated Rim

OTT Pluvio² L 400 RH Weighing Rain Gauge, 400 cm²/750 mm, Heated Rim

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The OTT Pluvio² L is an all-weather precipitation gauge that uses superior weight-based technology to measure the amount and intensity of rain, snow, and hail. Developed in conjunction with industry-leading meteorological services, the OTT Pluvio² L employs a high-precision load cell and algorithms that compensate for wind, temperature, and evaporation, ensuring the highest accuracy precipitation measurements over time.


  • Agriculture
  • Flood Warning
  • Meteorology Observations
  • Meteorology Research
  • Precipitation


All-weather collecting weighing precipitation gage according to WMO No.8

Direct physical weight measurement of collected solid and liquid precipitation to provide various processed precipitation data such as intensity, amount and bucket content in mm and inch unit.

High accurate precipitation data in entire intensity range

High sensitive load cell, high resolution data acquisition and approved algorithm against temperature and wind induced errors to measure from lightest drizzle to tropical heavy rain at high data availability of 99 %.

Life time factory calibration over entire operating temperature range and highest reliability

Individually calibrated and hermetically sealed load cell in entire temperature operating range with factory acceptance test report to achieve MTBF of 100 years.

Intelligent and efficient rim heater modes

4 heater modes such as constant rim heater temperature, time controlled according NWS, solid precipitation controlled and temperature range controlled to allow mains, solar power packages or battery operation.

Low total costs of ownership

Virtual maintenance free instrument to result in scheduled maintenance and calibration to minimize site visits of 1 to 2 per year and lower total costs of ownership. Pluvio² L 400 is suitable for high mountain applications at remote sites without mains supply.

USB port and instrument services

Embedded USB port to provide direct connection via PC/Laptop for configuration, monitoring, firmware update and guided accuracy test through Pluvio² operating program.