Lufft CHM 15k Ceilometer Projects in India

The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) is a scientific institution based in Pune, India, and is responsible for obtaining scientific knowledge in the fields of meterology and atmospheric research.

It is a premier research institute known for generating scientific knowledge in the field of meteorology and atmospheric sciences that has potential application in various fields such as agriculture, economics, health, water resources, transportation, communications and more.

The institute installed two new LiDAR-based Lufft CHM 15k ceilometers for the:

  • Estimation of the atmospheric aerosol forcing under different sky conditions
  • Investigation of environmental impacts at regional and global level
  • Observation of cloud microphysics
  • Measurement of cloud upper and lower limits
  • Characterization of cloud density

Indira Gandhi Airport, Solapur Observatory and CAIPEEX Projects

So far, they acquired two Lufft CHM 15k ceilometers. One is deployed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi and the other at their Observatory in Solapur.

The first one was initially used for the cloud interference study due to "smog" that occurred because of stubble burning in the fields of Punjab last year. It has continued, but for airport-related cloud profiling.

The second CHM is used for the "cloud-seeding" project "CAIPEEX" (Cloud Aerosol Interaction and Precipitation Enhancement Experiment).

Meanwhile, our CHM 15k ceilometers will also be used for the "National Monsoon Mission" project.

Further article about "CAIPEEX"

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