Ceilometer Network "ALICEnet"

Geographical map of the ALC network ALICEnet
Geographical map of the ALC network ALICEnet

ALICEnet is a network of measuring stations operated by Italian research institutions and environmental authorities to improve the multidisciplinary use of environmental data.

Automated LiDar Ceilometer network

It is able to generate an atmospheric profile in real-time, carried out by automatic LiDar ceilometers (ALC) installed throughout Italy.

A database with measurement results from previous studies is also provided (yellow ALC symbols in image at left).

      The ALC Profiling Provides the Following:

      Results and Benefits

      The system uses OTT HydroMet Lufft ceilometer sensors. The provided information is used in meteorology, air quality, environmental as well as aviation safety and climate studies.

      Published data is preliminary and copyrighted by the station operators.

      For more information, see the ALICEnet Homepage.

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      Meteorology and Climatology

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