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History of OTT

Ott history of hydrological instruments

Early OTT water current meter, circa 1917 from the collection of the Smithsonian Museum.

OTT was founded in 1873 in Kempten, Germany by Albert Ott. He focused on mechanical water level recorder, hydrometric current meter, and planimeter development. Within a short time, the globally minded inventor took his instruments to an international audience at the World Exhibition 1880 in Melbourne, and was joined in the business by his sons, Herman and Ludwig.

OTT – Continuous Commitment to Innovation

OTT’s standard-setting technologies record, measure, and analyze surface water, ground water and precipitation for data-informed insights.

Our continuous commitment to innovation, precision, and customer proximity has established OTT as the global industry leader in hydrological systems and instrumentation that it is today.

In 2010, OTT changed its name to OTT Hydromet GmbH, then in 2012, became a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation. In 2023 it became a subsidiary of Veralto Corporation, and is now one of the strong global product brands that make up OTT HydroMet.

Ott brand water level instruments

Water Level

We offer a variety of sensors with different measurement principles, tailored to fit the specific requirements of different hydrologic measurement sites, including bubbler, pressure sensor, radar, shaft encoder technology and more.

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Ott brand multi parameter water quality instruments

Water Quality

Our multiparameter sondes offer rugged and flexible options for water quality measurement. Choose from compact instruments or larger Datasondes for more diverse sensor options and anti-fouling options.

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Ott brand water flow portable instruments

Water Discharge and Flow

Choose from a variety of either portable or stationary measurement options using different measurement technologies, including mechanical, acoustic, Doppler, and more.

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Ott brand data loggers and telemetry solutions

Data Loggers and Telemetry

We offer dataloggers designed specifically for hydrological applications that are very low power and include a multitude of data transmission options to get data back to the office.

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Ott software solutions for water quality monitoring

Software Solutions

From equipment configuration to data management of complete measurement networks, we offer a range of software solutions that can be quickly and easily configured to deliver relevant data where and when it is needed most.

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OTT Applications

Our instruments are specifically designed to work in a variety of environmental and industrial applications and integrate seamlessly with flexible telemetry options for remote data acquisition.

Ott instruments for agriculture and irrigation water monitoring

Agriculture and Irrigation

OTT sensors can provide key information on trend identification and regulatory compliance for water quality and quantity parameters around agriculture and irrigation activities.

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Ott instruments to measure water flow and discharge

Flow and Discharge

Measuring water flow and discharge to determine the amount of water flowing through an open channel is critical for predicting water availability and flood events, allocating watering, and more.

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Ott water level instruments measure peak flow during flood events

Flood Warning

OTT water level sensors and continuous flow sensors, paired with telemetry technology and OTT Hydrosystems are able to measure, collect, and transmit water level and velocity data in real-time to determine the peak level or flow during flood events.

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Ott ground water instruments


Measuring groundwater level or depth-to-water is critically important for identifying long term trends, including declining water levels, saltwater intrusion, seasonal variations, aquifer recharge, level status for drinking water and more.

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Ott precipitation measurement and remote telemetry instruments


View our precipitation measurement technologies, including high-accuracy laser disdrometers and weighing bucket gauges that can be paired with telemetry and power options for remote locations.

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Ott surface water instruments

Surface Water

Providing versatile technology options for measurement of water level, flow/discharge, and water quality in surface water applications.

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Ott instruments to measure nutrient levels in water

Nutrient Monitoring

Offering solutions for long-term unattended measurement of nitrate and phosphate in real-time.

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Featured Projects

See how we are impacting local and global communities through real-world solutions, tailored to specific situational needs.

Ott hydrological project in Southeast Asia Mekong River Commission

49 Stations Along the Mekong River in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand

The Mekong River Commission Secretariat (MRCS) aims at sustainable development on managing water resources & sharing info among the Mekong member countries.

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Ott instruments measure climate change in Bavarian Lakes

Buoy-Based Temperature Profiling in the Bavarian Lakes

Researchers use OTT buoys and the OTT net DL datalogger to study the long term effects of climate change on the Bavarian lakes.

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Ott flood water instruments for City of Buenos Aires

Flood Water Protection in the City of Buenos Aires

When the retention basin of the Arroyo Mendrano overflowed, the government decided to have an alarm system installed to monitor the water level in the basin.

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Ott hydro-meteorological project for Sri Lanka

Modern Monitoring Network in the Indian Ocean

The hydro-meteorological monitoring network of Sri Lanka has been extended and updated with the latest technology.

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OTT HydroMet Blog

Keeping you informed.

Discover insights in hydrology and learn more about product applications and outcomes.

Water monitoring & research in Cambridgeshire, England

Water Monitoring & Research in the Great Fen

The Great Fen, a vast landscape located in Cambridgeshire, England, and home to two National Nature Reserves, is currently undergoing one of the largest restoration projects of its type.

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Cybersecurity for the Water Sector

Demystifying Cybersecurity for the Water Sector

Proactively address risks in water through better understanding. As utilities and agencies progress through varying stages of their digital transformation, one of the most recurring priorities is cybersecurity.

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One Year Later: 2021 Europe Floods

The 2021 Floods in Central Europe: One Year Later

In July 2021, catastrophic flooding devastated communities in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland. Western Germany was hit the hardest with over 185 lives lost.

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