Buoy-Based Temperature Profiling in the Bavarian Lakes

In the summer, a temperature stratification occurs in deep lakes – the surface water is warm, but deep down the water is cold.  

This has considerable influence on the nutrient balance and the biological habitat in these lakes. Due to generally higher air temperatures induced by the climate change, both will change and therefore also affect the life conditions of the ecosystems in the lakes.

Implementing the Measurement Project

The Bayerische Landesamt für Umwelt (Bavarian State Office for Environment) cooperated with the WWA Weilheim (Water Managment Authority) and OTT HydroMet to implement a measurement project for the continuous monitoring of water temperature in a water profile in the Bavarian Ammersee.

    As a solution, a buoy was installed at the deepest point of the Ammersee (81 m) which is held in position by three concrete weights (750 kg each). A measurement chain was then fixed on the underside of the buoy, to continuously measure the water temperature at 16 different depths.

    Meteorological data monitored by an additional compact weather station helped to analyze the temperature data delivered by the measurement chain.

    The buoy delivered by OTT HydroMet was equipped with extensive measurement technology: 

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