OTT PLS Pressure Level Sensor, 0 - 4 m, 4 - 20 mA

OTT PLS Pressure Level Sensor, 0 - 4 m, 4 - 20 mA

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The OTT PLS measures water level, depth to water, or pressure by means of an integrated controller and ceramic pressure-measuring cell. Design features such as multiple communication outputs (SDI-12 or 4-20 mA), stainless steel housing, and a rugged cable make this sensor ideal for monitoring water level in a variety of applications.


  • Flood Warning
  • Groundwater


Ceramic pressure cell

The robust ceramic pressure cell offers industry-leading accuracy and does not deform over time like membrane technology, providing long-term measurement stability.

Rugged design

Ceramic pressure cell resistant to physical force (5 x burst pressure) and enclosure made of high-quality saltwater resistant steel for use in coastal environments.

Auto compensation

Built-in microcontroller – compensates for temperature effects and applies correction values for gravitational acceleration and water density.

Vented pressure probe

Vented pressure probe, automatically compensates for changes in barometric pressure.

Simple setup

Simple setup and connection to external dataloggers using SDI-12 or 4-20 mA interfaces.

Temperature measurement

Water temperature output in addition to water level (for SDI-12 output).