OTT PLS-C Pressure Level Sensor, Conductivity, 0 - 4 m, RS-485

OTT PLS-C Pressure Level Sensor, Conductivity, 0 - 4 m, RS-485

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The OTT PLS-C measures water conductivity, level, and temperature in both surface and groundwater applications with a robust ceramic pressure cell and 4-electrode conductivity cell. Its extremely low power consumption makes it ideal for long-term deployment, particularly at solar powered measuring stations for ground-and surface waters.


  • Groundwater
  • Water Quality


Ceramic pressure cell

The robust ceramic pressure cell offers industry-leading accuracy and does not deform over time like membrane technology, providing long-term measurement stability

Rugged design

Ceramic pressure cell resistant to physical force (4 x burst pressure) and enclosure made of high-quality saltwater resistant steel for use in coastal environments.

Vented pressure probe

Vented pressure probe, automatically compensates for changes in barometric pressure.

Auto compensation

Built-in microcontroller – compensates for temperature effects and applies correction values for gravitational acceleration or water density.

Simple setup

Simple setup and connection to external dataloggers using SDI-12.

Conductivity cell

4-electrode conductivity cell.