Flood Warning System in the Riviere Grise & Riviere Blanche, Haiti

Project Details

The Health Community Center of Dumay, Haiti identified a region where a Flood Warning System (FWS) needed to be installed to notify the public of a danger of flooding, so that lives may be saved and property damage minimized.

The FWS System Comprised of the Following:

  • Four Automatic Water Level Stations (AWLS)
  • Four Siren Stations
  • Two Control Centers with Customized Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Project Details

The sirens will be remotely turned on and off but can also be manually turned on and off. Data will be hosted and available for viewing, retrieval, analysis and processing at the control centers. 

Each station is provided with its respective Data Collection Platform (DCP), communications, sensors & necessary mounting hardware.

Each water level station consists of a rain gauge tipping bucket and a radar water level sensor mounted above the river.

Each siren station consists of an enclosure with data logger, solar power, control circuitry and 4 driver speakers.

Water level is measured every five minutes. If the water level exceeds the threshold or the Rate of Change (ROC) is above the limit, a message is automatically sent over Iridium Satellite to both control centers.

The station will reply with a message that will be viewed at both control centers. A designated user at the main control center will remotely turn on up to four sirens to alert the population of concern.

Users will also be able to remotely turn off all sirens. Furthermore users will be able to send commands to the station to request the current water level, the station status, and so forth.

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