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Data Management

Customized Station Solutions Across the Entire Data Value Chain

Data comes in all shapes, sizes, and formats and the way we manage it has rapidly developed over the past century. This is no different in the environmental monitoring industry. Initially, when we started tracking the Earth’s changes such as solar radiation, stream stage, and wind speed; measurements would be taken and recorded in the field manually. Over the years, the frequency of collection, complexity of parameters, and accessibility have all improved. The quality of our historical data records aid in:

OTT HydroMet provides customized station solutions encompassing the entire data value chain to provide a comprehensive view of our environment.

Data Value Chain infographic showing the journey from sensor to software

1. Sensor(s)

2. Datalogger

3. Solar Panel

4. Software solution

5. Alarm

Key Features and Benefits

OTT HydroMet Data Collection Networks Have Been Deployed Around the Globe

Found on every continent in the world, OTT HydroMet offers dataloggers for environmental applications that span throughout the Biosphere. Aligning with our mission to protect lives and the environment, we believe that quality, real-time data is the key to accurately monitoring changes on Earth.

Enclosure containing a datalogger and other monitoring equipment

Data collection platforms (DCP), or dataloggers, are at the heart of any monitoring station and trigger, collect, and send data remotely in near-real time from connected sensors. Four key features of our latest dataloggers:

  1. Python scripting — enables the customization of measurements, transmissions, modeling, and more.
  2. Data redundancy — capability for dual transmission, ensures no data gaps
  3. Plug and play modems — easily switch between telemetry methods
  4. Multiple transmission options — select the best method for your application.

Telemetry Communication via Cellular and Satellite

When transmitting various types of data from stations all over the world, it can be difficult to know which telemetry solution is best for your monitoring network. Telemetry methods include:

  • Cellular network
  • GOES satellite
  • IRIDIUM satellite

Of these, IRIDIUM and cellular can apply remote two-way communication to seamlessly integrate sensors within the field. Visit our Data Management Related Resources below to find out which method(s) fit for your unique application.

OTT HydroMet GOES Station featuring the OTT RLS Water Level Radar

The IoT Revolution

Internet of Things, or IoT is at the forefront of connectivity. IoT enables interrelated devices to transfer data via the internet. IoT is developing in almost all industries, including environmental monitoring. OTT HydroMet sensors such as the ecoLog 1000 use LTE-M as a form of IoT connectivity. The main benefits of this smart technology include:

Advanced Data Selection Guide – Sutron and OTT Products

Unique monitoring applications require dataloggers with varying capabilities and telemetry methods that fit your environment and data requirements. Find the best solution for your network.

View Guide

Flow chart for datalogger and telemetry selection

Webinar: LinkComm Software 101

Designed specifically for environmentally monitoring, LinkComm Software supports almost all unique applications. LinkComm is free with our XLink and SatLink family of dataloggers, along with the OTT ecoLog 1000 water level logger. Support fluency across your organization with this walkthrough, on-demand webinar.

Watch Webinar

Quick Start Guide

LinkComm software with SatLink 3 datalogger station displayed

Data Management Related Resources

Cover of guide with flow river

Managing Field Data Step By Step

Explore how your data moves from field sensor to datalogger to software across the Data Value Chain.

View Guide

Cover of infographic with lake

Visualizing Two-Way Communication

See how two-way communication enables your data to travel from station to software and back.

View Infographic

SUTRON SatLink 3 datalogger

Webinar: SatLink 3

Learn more about the capabilities of the SatLink 3 including built-in geostationary satellite support, plug and play modems, and Python scripting.

Watch Webinar

Satellite orbiting around the Earth

Telemetry eBook

Use our Telemetry eBook to compare available solutions to determine the best solution for your network.

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In the Field

Environmental monitoring set up in Sri Lanka

Modern Monitoring Network in the Indian Ocean

Through Aquarius software, redundant data transmission, and sensor additions, OTT HydroMet supported three public authorities in Sri Lanka to enhance their monitoring network with real-time hydrological and meteorological data.

Learn more about this project

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