SUTRON Compact Constant Flow Bubbler, 3/8" Fitting

SUTRON Compact Constant Flow Bubbler, 3/8" Fitting

Product Number: 56-0133-25-1S

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The SUTRON Compact Constant Flow Bubbler, 50% smaller than SUTRON’s original Constant Flow Bubbler, is a self-contained, precision device to measure water levels & temperature. It consists of a pump, tank, manifold, control board, display/keypad & enclosure. The new Compact CF Bubbler houses all components within a 10.5”x 8.5”x 7.5” polycarbonate NEMA-4X enclosure. An optional external desiccant is available. The Compact Constant Flow Bubbler’s built-in precision Accubar® Pressure Sensor meets the high accuracy requirements for stream gaging & monitoring of tidal/coastal areas, estuaries, groundwater & reservoirs. The Bubbler includes a built-in datalogger for stand-alone operation and/ or backup (redundant) data recording and RS232 and SDI-12 ports for communications and maintenance. The front panel includes a display and keypad. It also supports MODBUS.


  • Flood Warning



50% smaller than the original Constant Flow Bubbler (by volume).


Fast-track mode.


Self-contained system needing only external power & outlet tubing/ orifice.


Long desiccant life (up to 1 year).


Adjustable bubble rate.