Discover OTT HydroMet’s Solar Energy Monitoring Solutions at RE+ 2023

September 12-14, 2023

Discover OTT HydroMet’s comprehensive, accurate, and reliable PV Plant monitoring portfolio at RE+ in Las Vegas, NV. Visit our booth 4859 to check out the new Kipp & Zonen SMP12, our most innovative Class A pyranometer yet.

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Aquatic Informatics Launches HydroCorrect

June 13, 2023

Aquatic Informatics™ announces the launch of HydroCorrect™, a new automated data validation tool that can power proactive monitoring and management of groundwater, flooding, and water quality in the Aquarius™ platform. 

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OTT HydroMet Celebrates 150 Years of Tradition, Precision, & Innovation with the Anniversary of OTT Product Brand

May 22, 2023

For 150 years, OTT HydroMet’s product brand, ‘OTT’ has been at the forefront of innovation, pioneering state-of-the-art hydrological and meteorological instrumentation. Originating in Germany, OTT has since expanded to be a global industry leader providing the highest quality products, customized solutions, and technical support.

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A Force of Nature: OTT HydroMet recognized as a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador

May 19, 2023

OTT HydroMet was recently recognized as a part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™ initiative, as a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador. OTT HydroMet continues to partner with NOAA to provide meteorologic and hydrologic solutions to support their monitoring networks and the public at large.

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Discover OTT HydroMet’s Solar Energy Monitoring Solutions at RE+ Southeast

May 15, 2023

texts: Discover OTT HydroMet’s comprehensive portfolio for accurate and reliable PV plant monitoring at RE+ Southeast in Atlanta from May 17-18 at booth 209. Our Technical Sales Manager and his team are looking forward to meeting you to support you with any measurement issues you may have.

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Join OTT HydroMet and Kipp & Zonen and the University of Jaén in Advancing Solar Energy Research

April 17, 2023

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, we has partnered with the University of Jaén to create and interpret a comprehensive database for European dust profiles. While the energy output of a solar energy system is commonly associated with solar irradiance, environmental factors, and individual component performance, external factors such as dust can also significantly impact system performance.

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Tackling Flood Mitigiation with Turnkey Solutions

March 23, 2022

Join us on Wednesday, April 19th at 2 p.m. EDT, where OTT HydroMet expert, Brent Register, will guide you through: How to establish a flood warning network, the best solution to implement based on your community needs, the technology inside our turnkey Urban Flood Warning Station, and more!


Discover OTT HydroMet’s Solar Energy Monitoring Solutions at RE+ Texas

April 5 - 6

Discover OTT HydroMet’s comprehensive portfolio for accurate and reliable PV plant monitoring at RE+ Texas in Austin from April 5-6 at booth 316. Our Technical Sales Manager and his team are looking forward to meeting you to support you with any measurement issues you may have.

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OTT ecoLog 1000 Now with Conductivity Measuring Capabilities

March 21st, 2023

OTT Hydromet has launched a new variant of the OTT ecoLog 1000, an all-in-one instrument with a water level sensor, logger, and cellular modem built in. The new variant is equipped with a rugged and accurate, 4-electrode conductivity measuring cell allowing the user to measure water level, temperature, and conductivity.

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OTT HydroMet Expands UK Team

March 1st, 2023

OTT HydroMet, the developer and manufacturer of environmental monitoring solutions, has announced the appointment of Dr Liam Goodes as Sales and Business Development Manager in the south of the UK.

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Discover OTT HydroMet’s Solar Energy Monitoring Solutions at RE+ Northeast 

February 22-23, 2023

Discover OTT HydroMet’s comprehensive portfolio for accurate and reliable PV plant monitoring at RE+ Northeast in Boston, MA, where North America’s clean energy leaders will meet from February 22-23 – RE+ unites SPI, ESI, and Smart Energy Week. Meet us at booth 1203 (Galleria Hall).

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Pyranometer Calibration Close Up

15% Discount on Pyranometer Calibrations

December 2, 2022

IEC61724 recommends Class A sensors be re-calibrated once every 2 years, or more frequently per manufacturer recommendations and for Class B sensors, according to manufacturer recommendations.

To ensure an accurate and reliable measurement, and to stay compliant with IEC and WMO recommendations, we at OTT HydroMet suggest getting pyranometers re-calibrated every two years. 

To this end we are offering the month of calibration for pyranometers, where you will not only get 15% discount per calibration but also a quick turn-around time.

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PLS 500

New Game-Changing Smart Water Level Sensor

November 18, 2022

OTT Hydromet has launched a new water level sensor, the OTT PLS 500, which combines robust reliability and accuracy with the advantages of smart sensor technology. Building on decades of experience, the redesigned PLS 500 retains key elements of the trusted, robust, and reliable OTT PLS, while enhancing the sensor to be intuitive and user-friendly.

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Soiling Webinar

Webinar: How to process and interpret soiling data

November 10, 2022

Join us at 11:00am CEST and 10:00am PT on November 10th.

In our upcoming webinar, Sajad Badalkhani, Service and Technical Support Manager at OTT HydroMet, will share his experience and highlight best practices to adequately address soiling using the DustIQ with a focus on data analysis and the latest firmware release.

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Solar Webinar

Webinar on PV plant monitoring data reliability and best practice

September 14, 2022

Join us at 11:00am CEST and 2:00pm ET on September 14th.

There is a lot of guidance in IEC 61724-1:2021 about selecting equipment for monitoring PV plant performance, and its installation and maintenance. In this webinar, we look at how the reliability of the measurement data can be improved and methods for checking the validity of the data.

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RE22 Banner

OTT HydroMet joins RE+ 2022 in Anaheim, CA (uniting SPI, ESI, Smart Energy Week)

September 1, 2022

Visit us at booth 1793 to discover our latest innovation, the industry’s first spectrally flat Class A pyranometer that provides integrated heating without moving parts – the Kipp & Zonen SMP12. See how all instruments seamlessly come together in a well-integrated monitoring system with highest accuracy and minimal maintenance needs.

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Building an Effective Meteorological Station for Solar PV

Building an Effective Meteorological Station for Solar PV

August 15, 2022

The performance ratio of your solar PV plant changes every day – make sure you know why. Read our blog article to learn about:

  • Why you should care about the weather to optimize plant performance
  • Relevant atmospheric parameters and how they impact energy generation
  • Technical setup to monitor air temperature, wind direction and speed, precipitation, humidity, and air pressure

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Cybersecurity Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Demystifying Cybersecurity for the Water Sector

August 3, 2022

Presented by Aquatic Informatics, watch on-demand a panel of cybersecurity and digital experts as they simplify why organizations need to consider mitigation strategies, explain the risks of poor data security practices, and how technology provides an advantage in overcoming cybersecurity challenges and threats.

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Solar Energy Insights 2022

Discover the Solar Energy Insights 2022

June 22, 2022

Voilà, here is the third issue of OTT HydroMet Insights! This time, we take a detailed look at the solar energy landscape, international standards, new applications and technologies.

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Intersolar Europe 2022

OTT HydroMet and Kipp & Zonen Join Intersolar EU 2022

April 25, 2022

Solar energy is central to reaching climate targets across Europe. Now it is beginning to make its comeback in Germany and is once again gaining momentum with the plans laid out by the German government to reach an installed PV capacity of 200 gigawatts (GW) by 2030. Germany continues on its path to becoming the leading PV market in Europe. A good time to join the international solar industry, that will meet on May 11–13, 2022, at Intersolar Europe in Munich at Messe München.

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Solar Asset Management 2022

March 29, 2022

The 8th edition of ‘Solarplaza Summit Asset Management North America’ conference combines a crowd of key local and global players within the solar industry, market insights from inspirational speakers, and extended networking opportunities on 6&7 April in Oakland, California.

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SMP12 Pyranometer

OTT HydroMet launches next generation pyranometer SMP12

January 11, 2022

The new SMP12 is industry's first fast response spectrally flat Class A pyranometer that combines solid-state dome heating, with no moving parts, and best-in-class surge protection to maximize accuracy and minimize maintenance.

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Electronic Lock

OTT HydroMet Systems Not Affected by the Log4j Vulnerability Issue

December 15, 2021

An analysis of the OTT HydroMet Group's software and hardware products has shown that the effected version of Log4j is not in use and we therefore do not need to assume any immediate threat from OTT Hydromet systems.

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OTT HydroMet Launches AQUARIUS in Europe

July 5, 2021

OTT HydroMet, a global leader in hydrologic and meteorologic instrumentation and solutions, is excited to launch the data management platform, AQUARIUS, in Europe.

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Parsivel Article

Ice-nucleating particles in precipitation samples from the Texas Panhandle

March 24, 2021

Ice-nucleating particles influence the formation of ice crystals in clouds and many precipitation types. This study reports unique properties of ice-nucleating particles from 42 precipitation samples in the Texas Panhandle region from June 2018 to July 2019.

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Podcast Series Cover

OTT HydroMet Launches Meteorological Podcast Series

September 22, 2020

OTT HydroMet, a trusted producer and innovator of environmental monitoring solutions, is launching a meteorological podcast series.

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Aquatic Informatics Logo

Aquatic Informatics Joins Danaher’s Water Quality Platform

July 14, 2020

Aquatic Informatics Inc. has been acquired by Danaher’s Water Quality platform from XPV Water Partners.

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Insights for Experts in Meteorology

Dec 2019

We are very happy to share with you our second issue of the OTT HydroMet Insights for all Experts in Meteorology.

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Hot topics in monitoring solar irradiance

Feb 2019

We have a lot of contacts with existing and prospective customers in the solar energy industry; at exhibitions, in workshops or by email and through the Kipp & Zonen support system. Many of the same issues keep coming up, in one form or another. So, we have decided to put together a whitepaper that addresses the most common requests for information and explanation. This is particularly topical because there is a lot of confusion resulting from recent changes in key international standards.

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Kipp & Zonen Pyranometers, is an 11 better than a 10? You decide.

Nov 2018

Historically, Kipp & Zonen pyranometers with a higher model number have better specifications and a lower measurement uncertainty. As a result, there has been some confusion in the market and the impression that the CMP10 and Smart SMP10 models are in some way inferior to their CMP11 and SMP11 cousins.

In fact this is not true. If you look at the brochure for our pyranometer range you will find that CMP10 and CMP11 share the same column in the CMP model range specification table, as do the SMP10 and SMP11 models in the SMP range table.

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RT1 rooftop sensor exceeds expectations

Sep 2018

Last week my product management dashboard started blinking. But why? It turned out to be the alarm I’ve set almost a year ago for reaching 500 delivered and invoiced RT1 sensors. Time for a small celebration as the normal product adaptation period in our market is 3 to 4 years and the RT1 isn’t even a year old. Evidently the RT1 is the right product at the right time.

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The Difference between Horizontal and Tilted Global Solar Irradiance

Dec 2013

Measuring solar irradiance in a highly accurate way is achieved by using a pyranometer complying with ISO 9060. Although most meteorological data is based on horizontally mounted pyranometers, with Photovoltaic (PV) panels it is also important to know the tilted global solar irradiance. This article explains more about measuring solar irradiance and the difference in horizontal and tilted pyranometers.

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The Working Principle of a Thermopile Pyranometer

Jun 2013

How does a pyranometer work? As the experts in solar radiation measurement we are often asked this question and we are happy to answer with an explanation of the working principle of thermopile pyranometers. We have been manufacturing them since 1924 and have evolved the principle to the best instruments available today.

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Soiling Research at Green Energy Park with DustIQ

One of the first customers to use DustIQ was Green Energy Park in Morocco, to support research field tests. Since February 2018, OTT HydroMet's DustIQ Soiling Monitoring System has been on their site and measuring the on-site soiling ratio.

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Display and Log Solar Data on Site With the METEON 2.0

Easily Check Kipp & Zonen Instruments on Site. METEON 2.0 can be connected to any of our pyranometers and provide you with real-time measurement values.

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Different Components of Solar Radiation

Many people have asked us for an illustration that gives a simple overview of the three components of incoming short-wave solar radiation: direct, diffuse and global.

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