Calibration Months - Pyranometers

Inaccurate measurement of solar radiation and its components may lead to incorrect information about the performance of a solar project or might lead to penalties or financial damages.

It might also result in misleading forecasts, inaccurate climate models or even wrong predictions of environmental disasters.

 Accuracy of the measurements is critical and having a high precision pyranometer is not enough. Like any measurement devices, pyranometers degrade in the field by being exposed to UV radiation, temperature cycles and humidity. This deviation is also known as non-stability.

Periodically, we need to compare the so called “device-under-test” with a reference device, where we are aware of its characteristics and uncertainty of the measurement, and this process is called “calibration”.

Recommended by International Standards

IEC61724 recommends Class A sensors be re-calibrated once every 2 years, or more frequently per manufacturer recommendations and for Class B sensors, according to manufacturer recommendations.

To ensure an accurate and reliable measurement, and to stay compliant with IEC and WMO recommendations, we at OTT HydroMet suggest getting pyranometers re-calibrated every two years. 

 To this end we are offering the Months of calibration for pyranometers, where you will not only get 15% discount per calibration, but also a quick turnaround time.

Details of the Program

15% Discount on Pyranometer Calibrations

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