Webinar: How to process and interpret soiling data

The energy delivery of a photovoltaic (PV) system is associated with solar irradiance and a variety of different environmental and climatic factors.

One factor that plays a substantial role is soiling. Soiling is the process where dirt, dust, and other particles deposit onto the surface of a PV module and directly impact energy yield. It often results in a reduction of power generation and therefore it is imperative to mitigate.

In our upcoming webinar, Sajad Badalkhani, Service and Technical Support Manager at OTT HydroMet, will share his experience and highlight best practices to adequately address soiling using the DustIQ with a focus on data analysis and the latest firmware release.

Date: Thursday, 10th November 2022 (11am CEST & 10am PT)

Focus areas of the webinar:

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In order to get the most of the upcoming webinar, we encourage you to watch our previous webinar on soiling and DustIQ. Click here to watch the webinar.