OTT HydroMet Now Offering Aquarius, a Data Management Platform, in Europe

Water monitoring agencies worldwide trust Aquarius to acquire, process, model, and publish water information in near real-time.

July 5, 2021 — OTT HydroMet, a global leader in hydrologic and meteorologic instrumentation and solutions, now offers Aquarius in Europe for continuous monitoring of water information in near real-time. Aquarius is a data management platform ideal for numerous hydrology applications, most notably flood, groundwater, water availability, and water quality. The platform allows customers to harness the power of data integration at the push of a button and transform data to knowledge.

The introduction of Aquarius to OTT HydroMet follows the acquisition of Aquatic Informatics, the parent company of Aquarius, to Danaher’s Water Quality Platform. Aquatic Informatics provides software solutions that address critical water data management, analytics, and compliance challenges for the global water industry.

“I am thrilled to now include Aquarius in our OTT HydroMet offerings in Europe,” said Danail Kuzarow, OTT HydroMet Sales and Service Director of Hydrology. “Aquarius will allow customers to improve decision-making to enable better outcomes. With our deep applications expertise, we can seamlessly combine hardware, software, and services together to deliver vital insights to decision-makers so they can protect lives and the environment.”

“We are delighted to join forces with OTT HydroMet to accelerate the introduction of Aquarius throughout the European region,” said Christopher Heyer, the Senior Director of Sales for Aquatic Informatics. “We’re excited to continue empowering industry experts to make data driven, smart decisions with timely water insights.”

Near Real-Time Data for Proactive Flood Management

When every minute counts during emergency flood and heavy rain events, Aquarius delivers data and information that enables first responders and emergency management to make quick decisions. The platform can quickly pull historical statistics from hydrological and from hydrological and meteorological data to compare, visualize and proactively forecast potential problems. This timely data includes alerts and notifications regarding rainfall and stage, all based on custom levels. With the push of a button, a user can create and retrieve customized intensities to evaluate isolated events, protect against liability, and inform any and all stakeholders.

Develop Calibrated Hydraulic Rating Models for Water Resource Management

A visual rating curve development tool leverages stream gagings from the OTT MF Pro, in addition to other instruments, to create new rating models for real-time computation of discharge. A review and approval process tracks changes in ratings over time and a wealth of reporting tools allow those models to be disseminated from Aquarius.  The world’s largest water management agencies trust Aquarius ratings to provide timely stage and discharge data to the public in a timely manner. 

Deliver Water Quality Insights to Stakeholders with Confidence

Aquarius allows users to extend the value of sensors by centrally managing all monitoring network locations and integrating all data acquisition systems to keep users informed in the office and the field. Data can be quickly visualized, scanned, and QA/QC’ed with best-in-class automated error detections and correction tools, and users can also compare the raw and corrected data on a single chart to defend or retrace data with an automatic audit log. Information can be easily made available to internal or external stakeholders online and accessible anywhere with robust permission control for who sees what and the specific compliance parameters for at-a-glance, real-time insights.

Powerful Data Integration and Alarming for Groundwater

Through the Aquarius data management solution, users can integrate disparate data sources, including sample, time-series, and third party data, for a unified view to create actionable insights using all contextual information. This data can be used to customize user-based compliance parameters to easily visualize status and deliver warning insights in the software or rich email or text notifications. Groundwater management decisions can be made faster with powerful charts, visualization, and modelling with out-of-the-box industry-statistics to forecast and convey technical and non-technical information to internal and external stakeholders.

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