OTT HydroMet Launches Meteorological Podcast Series

OTT HydroMet, a trusted producer and innovator of environmental monitoring solutions, is launching a meteorological podcast series. Airing today, “OTT CAST: Let’s Talk About the Weather” is meant to provide a place to share insights from experts, get in touch with partners and customers that should have taken place at the world’s largest meteorological event, the Meteorological Technology World Expo, that has been postponed to October 2021.

In the first three episodes, airing on September 22 – 24, the company’s Meteorological writer and former radio journalist Martin Maly welcomes experts from various meteorological disciplines, whether cloud observation, road weather monitoring, or precipitation measurement.

Interested listeners can register for free by clicking on the yellow button to get access to the following episodes on the day they air or later. Find the schedule, the topics, and the experts below.

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