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Water Level Sensing Technology

Measuring water level is one of the most common surface water quantity measurements which is typically used for developing and computing stage discharge relationships or controlling water resources.

Continuous, real-time measurements and images can provide flood warning information, including alarms, for water levels that hit or exceed critical threshold levels to prompt manual or automatic responses such as evacuations during flooding and field operations.

OTT HydroMet develops and manufactures water level sensing technology, evolving system solutions from mechanical and labor-intensive to low maintenance.

Offering Contact and Non-Contact Surface Water level Sensors

OTT HydroMet's two leading brands - OTT and SUTRON, offer contact and non-contact surface water level sensors featuring a variety of measurement technologies (radar, bubbler, pressure) to meet stream gaging needs for reliable data.

OTT HydroMet’s Water Level Insights

“The RLS has been trusted by water management professionals around the world for years due to its accuracy and reliability.”

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Water Quality Related Resources


OTT Radar Level Sensor (RLS) Guide

Learn more about non-contact precision instruments in our technical note and installation guide for the OTT RLS.

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Water Level Selection Guide

Use our Water Level Selection Guide to compare available solutions to determine the best choice for you.

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“Benefits of Constant Flow Bubbler” Whitepaper

Learn how SUTRON Constant Flow Bubblers efficiently operate using a small battery-operated compressor combined with advanced capabilities, and what benefits this provides.

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“Compact Bubbler Sensor” Whitepaper

The use of the bubble method in hydrometry is superior to the classical float method and to pressure sensor measurement when considering reliability, freezing resistance, and installation and maintenance effort. Learn more in our whitepaper below.

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