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Around the world, professionals rely on Lufft’s stationary and/or mobile road weather information systems. They are used by Ice and Road Weather Detection (RWIS) and Traffic Control or Vehicle Management Systems (VMS), road maintenance depots, and operation managers to monitor road conditions, friction, temperatures, visibility and more. Data is used to design efficient operational plans and to keep roads free from snow, ice or water film layers to protect from dangerous traffic situations.

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LUFFT MARWIS on Tour - The Mobile Road Weather Sensor - Product movie

A lot of technology monitors the weather on the lifelines of our civilization. However, there are huge gaps in the measuring networks, making error-free forecasts impossible even with a great deal of experience and sensitivity. More closely meshed monitoring networks? Much too expensive. An affordable technology that would close all these gaps would be like a miracle.

And here's the miracle: MARWIS - Lufft's first mobile road weather sensor.

Increasing Safety With RWIS Lite

The best way to be aware of potential risks on the road is to establish a dense network of monitoring stations. Fortunately, there is a plan B. Streamlined Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) can fill the gaps and ensure availability of essential weather and road surface information. Find out more on our blog.


Further Road Weather Related Resources

Retrofitting Caltrans

Blog: Retrofitting Caltrans' RWIS Stations

Caltrans has replaced old road weather stations with new equipment from OTT HydroMet. This project shows how to efficiently retrofit RWIS stations while reusing existing infrastructure.

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Podcast: Let's Talk About Weather

Podcast: Intelligent Road Weather Monitoring

 In this episode, our experts discuss modern RWIS systems. Tune in and learn how static and mobile road weather sensors complement one another – ideally within a smart software solution, that supports and relieves winter maintenance.

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Webinar: Future of Mobile and Stationary Road Weather Data

Webinar: The Future of Mobile and Stationary Road Weather Data

In this webinar, our experts discuss mobile and stationary RWIS – what’s possible today, what are the benefits for the future, and how to make the best out of the RWIS data from all sources.

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Critical Weather Device Controller

Critical Weather Device Controller

When you want to make sure that your roads are safe, you need the right data to make confident decisions on time. What if you could automate some of these decisions? Learn how to automate warnings based on reliable data.

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MARWIS Hitch Fixture Tutorial

This short videos presents a new fixture to attach the mobile road & runway weather sensor MARWIS to a hitch.

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Manage your critical road weather conditions

Our customers from highway authorities and local authorities have experienced the safety and efficiency improvements that are delivered by OTT HydroMet systems. They confirm, they were able to improve predictability and reduce accidents due to icy, foggy or wet conditions. 


Maryland DOT relies on mobile sensing from Lufft

50 mobile road sensors MARWIS to equip the control vehicles of Maryland Department of Transportation with a goal to fill the data gaps and support decision making in winter maintenance. Learn more in the case study:


Whitepaper: Is your Traffic Management Future-Proof?

The increase of weather fluctuations and extreme weather events present a significant challenge to those responsible for keeping roads safe and passable. Accurate traffic weather information is key to efficient decision-making.


Training: Installation of Lufft Road Sensors IRS31Pro and ARS31

In this Training Video, our service technician Jim Latimer explains, how to install Lufft Road Sensors.

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LufftAcademy - Calibration of the Road Sensor IRS31 – UMB

Webinar about calibration of water film level and freeze temperature of the Lufft road sensor IRS31 - UMB. In addition, you can see how to install a new sensor in case of recalibration.

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LufftAcademy - Webinar - Road sensor IRSPro–UMB

The must-know about our new sensor for road surface conditions measurements. In addition the presentation of technical specifications, our service expert Manuel Kreissig will show you product features and applications.

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ViewMondo Tutorial: The Management Software for Road Weather Stations

In this short software training we show you all important functions of the ViewMondo road weather management software. It is suitable for both fixed and mobile road weather stations. Watch this video and see how user-friendly it is.

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Lufft Sensor NIRS31 Product movie

Intelligent Lufft sensors with optical measuring principle do not detect you, but the road condition directly in front of you on asphalt or concrete, so that neither ice and snow nor hydroplaning will throw you off track.

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LufftAcademy Webinar: Must-know about contact-free road condition measurements

Free webinar about our contact - free road surface conditions sensor NIRS31 - UMB. In addition the presentation of technical specifications, our service expert Manuel Kreissig talks about the installation and maintenance of the sensor.

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In the Field

Modernization of ITS on the Querétaro motorway, Mexico

Our Mexican Partner Ingeniería Geofísica y Sistema S.A. de C.V. (IGS) won a project of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (SCT) for the modernization and installation of new Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) along federal bridges and highways in Querétaro, Mexico.

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RWIS in Geislingen, South Germany helps to make the traffic safer

The South German City Geislingen installed a road weather system in 2016 consisting of Lufft weather sensors and the monitoring software ViewMondo

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Road Weather information Network (ARWIS) with open system architecture – USA / Michigan MDOT

Successful tender bid for the installation of 20 new ARWIS systems (ice warning systems) for Upper Peninsula in Michigan. Lufft was chosen based on the highest scores for technical solution and its strong value proposition.

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