Lufft MARWIS Mobile Weather Sensor, 1 m Installation Height

Lufft MARWIS Mobile Weather Sensor, 1 m Installation Height

Product Number: 8900.U03

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The mobile advanced road weather sensor MARWIS turns vehicles into driving weather stations by detecting several critical road and runway weather parameters. It can be installed on vehicles with a distance of 1 m above the surface and calculates information about temperatures, waterfilm heights, dew points, road conditions (dry, moist, wet, snow, ice), ice percentages, rel. humidity and friction with a frequency of up to 100 times per second. A standard data output rate is 1 Hz via RS485. It serves as an important decision support with regard to preventive gritting. Due to the open interface protocols, MARWIS can be easily integrated into existing winter maintenance monitoring networks. Similarly, the mobile road sensor can communicate directly with the control system on gritting vehicles. The measurement data output supports the protocol UMB binary.


  • Aviation
  • Road Weather


Mobile sensor

Flexible and representative measurements from many vehicles, no fixed installation required, and hot spots for high water film heights or icying can easily be identified.

Non-invasive measuring principle

The optical (spectroscopic) measuring principle delivers the important road surface condition parameter without the need of construction works on the road itself.

Easy and flexible installation

Simple car mounting options and flexible data communication via Bluetooth, RS485, and CAN-Bus.

Low maintenance

Long life LED technique, no moving parts and easy cleaning procedure.