Road Weather Information Network (ARWIS) with Open System Architecture


In 2012, Lufft USA was selected to install twenty of our new ARWIS systems (ice warning systems) for the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.

Lufft was selected because our open system architecture (open interfaces, intelligent sensors, easy integration of sensors from other manufacturers) was crucial for the customer.

Phased Installation of Masts and Sensors

  • In a first phase, the masts were installed in winter 2013 and sensors (WS200-UMB Smart Weather Sensor, WS300-UMB Smart Weather Sensor, Precipitation Sensor R2S-UMB and others) were installed on the mast and put into operation.
  • After the winter, pavement sensors were installed in Stage 2. 

The system includes cloud-based storage. As a temporary solution, SmartView3 (web-based visualization and data software) was used. In future, the data will be integrated in the MDOT MDSS.

* Please not that the Precipitation Sensor R2S-UMB has been discontinued and has been replaced with the WS100 Radar Precipitation Sensor / Smart Disdrometer.

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