Lufft Intelligent Road Sensor IRS31Pro-UMB, 164 ft Supply Cable

Lufft Intelligent Road Sensor IRS31Pro-UMB, 164 ft Supply Cable

Product Number: 8910.U050

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The passive intelligent road sensor IRS31Pro-UMB is flush-mounted in the road. The two part housing design allows the combined sensor/electronics unit to be removed for maintenance or calibration at any time. The following variables are recorded: Road surface temperature, water film height up to 4 mm, freezing temperature for different de-icing materials (NaCl, MgCl, CaCl), road condition (dry/damp/wet/ice or snow, damp with salt, wet with salt), friction (Grip), ice percentage. Optional: 2 additional depth temperatures, e.g. at 5 cm and 30 cm. The measurement data are available for further processing in the form of a standard protocol (Lufft UMB protocol).


Invasive precise point measurement of the road condition

Invasive sensors embedded in the road allows all time measurements of water film height, road surface and depth temperature and road condition even at heavy traffic conditions.

Maintenance, calibration and replaceability

Sensor consists of two parts: replaceable sensor head with electronics and fixed mounted socket.

Power consumption

Low energy consumption allows solar operation.

Invasive technology allows

Permanent usage on runways where non-invasive sensors cannot be used.