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Precipitation data is critical for local and regional weather observation, watershed monitoring and water resource management. It also plays an important role in forecasting for applications including airports, roads, flood warning, and water supplies.

OTT HydroMet offers a large portfolio of precipitation technologies ranging from high-precision lasers and maintenance-free Doppler radar disdrometers, to precipitation gauges based on the weighing principle, as well as tipping buckets.

Combined with various options for datalogging, transmission, and power supply, these systems are suitable for remote installation to transmit data to local data centers.

Webinar: The new Lufft WS100 Radar Precipitation Sensor

In this webinar, we present the technology and the application fields of the new Lufft WS100 radar precipitation sensor. We also explain what distinguishes it from other measuring principles and what advantages it offers.

“How Does Rain Fall?” Infographic

We experience precipitation regularly in our day-to-day lives, but how does water navigate through the water cycle and end up eventually falling back to Earth? What defines rain and the different states of water particles falling from the sky? While rain itself might seem like a straightforward topic, its processes play very complex roles in our water cycle and weather patterns.

Download the infographic to better understand what influences precipitation, as well as water’s different states within the water cycle.


Further precipitation Related Resources

Lufft: The Rainmaker - Pictures from our RaiSi (Rain Simulator)

The rain simulator RaiSi (Rain Simulator) has been in operation since 2014 and has already generated hundreds of liters of rain. The rain intensity can be adjusted individually from a few drops to 200mm/h. Thanks to RaiSi, the LUFFT developers can get comparative measurements.


OTT HydroMet Insights, Vol. 2

Discover how a team of researchers set up a new Automated Precipitation System quantifying snowfall in the Antarctic and the results of this system.

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Proactive Data Collection for Flood Warning

View the on-demand webinar to learn more about urban flooding, flood warning systems, and how to manage precipitation and water resource data to protect lives and minimize damage.

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At a Glance: OTT Hydromet’s Full Precipitation Solution Portfolio

In our precipitation portfolio guide, we review our top technologies to provide you with the best insights into five different precipitation measurement solutions along with a product side-by-side.


Discover the NEW Lufft WS100 Radar Precipitation Sensor Guide:

Download our sensor guide to find a valuable overview of the radar precipitation sensor, an explanation of the doppler radar measurement principle, a comparison of the radar measurement principle vs. other measurement methods, and more.


5 Technologies to measure precipitation

5 Technologies to measure precipitation

In the OTT HydroMet precipitation portfolio guide, we review these technologies and our solutions to provide you with the best insights into five different precipitation measurement solutions along with a product side-by-side comparison.

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In the Field

Hydro-Met Station with WTB100 and WS501 in Malaysia

Learn about the success story of our Malaysian sales partner from TCK e-solutions, Sdn Bhd, installing a hydro-met station for the Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia. 

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Modernization of ITS on the Querétaro motorway, Mexico

Read about how our Mexican Partner Ingeniería Geofísica y Sistema S.A. de C.V. (IGS) won a project from the Ministry of Transport and Communications (SCT) to modernize and install new Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) along federal bridges and highways in Querétaro, Mexico. Their solutions includes eight Automatic Road Weather Information Systems (SWIS), which provide road conditions, temperatures, friction and other information.

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OTT Pluvio² L in use for a research project in Antarctica

Close to McMurdo Station in Antarctica, researchers from the University of Colorado, Boulder and the National Center for Atmospheric Research are investigating methods to measure the accumulating snowfall in the harsh Antarctic environment. These measurements are important to better understand the potential for sea level rise in the future due to climate change.

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Road Weather information Network (ARWIS) with open system architecture - USA / Michigan MDOT

Learn how Lufft USA worked to install 20 new ARWIS systems (ice warning systems) for Upper Peninsula in Michigan.

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RWIS in Geislingen, South Germany helps to make the traffic safer

The South German City Geislingen installed a road weather system towards the beginning of 2016. The system consisted of Lufft weather sensors and was evaluated by the monitoring software ViewMondo.

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All-weather meteorological stations in the Carpathian Mountains - Hungary

Learn about our all-weather meteorology stations which are designed to provide reliable and accurate data.

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Lufft WS100 precipitation sensor helps with construction work in Dublin

Datum Monitoring Group installed two Lufft WS100 precipitation sensors and Leica flagship MS60 Multistations in Dublin for Walls Construction, Ireland's leading construction company.

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Modern monitoring network in the Indian Ocean

A new network with a total of 122 stations provides a sustainable system solution for the Sri Lankan water management authorities.

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