ADCON Rain Gauge RG Pro

ADCON Rain Gauge RG Pro

Product Number: A200733063

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This professional Rain Gauge is a superb product for all kinds of applications: from hydrology to meteorology, from agriculture to industrial monitoring - this device is fit for nearly everything.


  • Agriculture
  • Precipitation


Optimal materials

For the construction of this rain gauge only the best materials were used: anodized aluminum for the body. Solid, cast aluminum for the base. Stainless steel, precision machined, for the tipping bucket.

Low maintenance

This product needs hardly any maintenance or calibration, an occasional cleaning apart. A stainless spring mounted on the base of the funnel prevents bird droppings from clogging the inlet. Two large openings in the base make sure water runs off smoothly.

Requires very little calibration

Based on a measuring method invented by Joss-Tognini this gauge provides unrivaled long term accuracy and stability, and requires hardly any calibration.