Disease Control and Irrigation

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We design and build smart, wireless turn-key solutions for a wide range of agricultural monitoring uses. Applications include integrated pest management/disease control, irrigation, and water resource management. Our solutions are used by agriculture experts worldwide.

Overview of Agricultural Applications

OTT HydroMet’s brand ADCON focuses on telemetry solutions based on its own ultra-low-power radio technology and GSM/GPRS/UMTS modems. These technologies are both integrated into our range of loggers.

What makes the ADCON solution unique is a range of unrivaled product features.

In the Field

Canada: Sugar Beets without Cercospora

A network of ADCON weather stations feeds a great disease model to keep sugar beets clear of Cercospora.

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Canada: The Art of Making Ice Wine

Making good wine isn’t easy - but getting ice wine right without good weather data is impossible.

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Switzerland: Protecting Soil against Compaction

How the Swiss EPA uses ADCON soil moisture stations to prevent soil compaction.

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Bulgaria: Optimizing Spray Applications in Crops

A GPRS based agro-met system, covering all of Bulgaria, to make better use of agro-chemicals, fertilizer and water.

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Canada: Weather-based Crop Insurance

Weather index insurance is not only for African smallholders - the Canadians love it!


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Mexico: Crop Insurance, Decision Support, Yield Forecast

The National Mexican Weather Station Network with more than 1,200 ADCON stations for yield prediction, disease advice, and frost warning. 

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Lufft WS301 Smart Weather Sensor
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Lufft WS501 Smart Weather Sensor
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Lufft WS510 Smart Weather Sensor
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Lufft V200A-UMB Ultrasonic Wind Sensor
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Lufft WS300 Smart Weather Sensor
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Lufft WS500 Smart Weather Sensor
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Lufft WS601 Smart Weather Sensor
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