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History of Lufft

Aneroid barometer from Gotthilf Lufft

An aneroid barometer, the first product manufactured by Gotthilf Lufft in the late 19th century

Since 1881, Gotthilf Lufft and his company have had has had a significant influence in meteorological sensor technology - developing and producing components and systems that monitor climate and the environment. Starting off successfully from aneroid barometers for airplanes and cars in the first half of the 20th century, modern Lufft sensors can measure the thickness of a rain droplet, record climate changes, inform accurate short- and long-term weather forecasts, and optimize weather-critical protocols.

Lufft’s reputation for precision workmanship and intelligent meteorological sensor technology, has paved the way for strategic measuring networks along roads and railways, and at airports all over the world. Not only does our technology play a prominent role in transportation and infrastructure, but also it is widely used by meteorological services, environmental organizations, building manufacturers and energy suppliers.

Quality and precision are top priorities for our organization. Our quality standards are internally fostered, externally focused and essential to our product development processes - from design to deployment and beyond. Since 1995, our quality management systems have met the requirements of ISO standard certification.

Since 1995, our quality management systems have met the requirements of ISO standard certification. Additionally, our experience in meteorological monitoring has led us to maintain a fully accredited calibration laboratory to ensure the highest level of product quality, reliability and long-term performance in the field.

In 2016, Lufft became a part of OTT HydroMet, and is now one of the strong global product brands that make up OTT HydroMet.

Featured Products

View our complete range of solutions, designed to meet a range of performance levels—from reliable entry-level sensors to high-quality meteorological instruments, to the highest-accuracy atmospheric instruments for scientific research and network use.

Smart weather sensor Lufft WS600

WS600-UMB Smart Weather Sensor

Compact all-in-one weather sensor from the WS-Series. Measurement of temperature, relative humidity, precipitation intensity, precipitation type, precipitation quantity, air pressure, wind direction, and wind speed.

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Ceilometer Lufft CHM 15k.

Ceilometer CHM 15k

Premium lidar-based ceilometer for precise detection of cloud base height and aerosols up to 15 kilometers. Reliable results regardless of the season or the surrounding climate.

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Mobile road sensor Lufft MARWIS

MARWIS – Mobile Advanced Road Weather Information Sensor

MARWIS is the first mobile road and runway weather sensor detecting road conditions, temperatures, friction, and other parameters mobile in real time. It can be easily maintained and attached to nearly any vehicle.

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Weather sensors of the Lufft WS series

Compact Smart Weather Sensors

Our family of smart weather sensors are built from the most accurate individual sensors. Find the right combination for each application such as for meteorology, hydrology, traffic weather, pv monitoring or agriculture.

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Test car with two mobile road sensors Lufft MARWIS mounted

Road and Runway Sensors

Built-in? Active, passive - or both? With or without below ground temperature measurement? Stationary or mobile? We have them all. Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS), Aviation Weather Observation Systems (AWOS) and Ice detection Systems (IDS) around the globe trust in road sensors from Lufft.

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Wind turbine with ultrasonic anemometer Lufft Ventus

Wind Sensors & Anemometers

Lufft ultrasonic wind sensors are accurate, reliable, and robust. They comply with the highest WMO standards and withstand extreme conditions without maintenance.

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Ceilometer Lufft CHM 15k in front of snow-covered mountains

Cloud Height Sensors

A ceilometer is a device which uses a laser or other light source to determine the height of a cloud ceiling or cloud base. Ceilometers can also be used to measure the aerosol concentration within the atmosphere.

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Visibility sensor Lufft VS20k

Visibility and Present Weather Sensors

Lufft visibility sensors help to detect the visibility range and provide essential data to Traffic Management Systems that warn drivers to adjust their speed. Available in two versions.

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Different types of precipitaton sensors at a testbed

Precipitation Sensors

Measuring precipitation is essential for meteorological and climatological purposes, but also for hydrological applications and local communities. Depending on the application and the place of operation, find the right kind of instruments to detect rain, snow, and hail.

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Lufft Applications

Integrate our environmental sensors in new or existing mobile and stationary applications related to weather, renewable solar and wind energy, agriculture, building automation and smart homes/cities.

Road Weather Information System monitoring station at a road in Bosnia

Road Weather

Monitoring road weather conditions is vital to saving lives and supporting winter road maintenance.

We offer a wide range of sensors and measurement parameters, which have a high influence on the safety in all of this traffic segments, whether this is on airports, roads, ships or on trains.

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Ceilometer Lufft CHM 15k at an airport

Aviation Weather

Ensuring safe conditions on runways is critically important during both takeoff and landing. With sophisticated ceilometers and road sensors by Lufft, airports around the world are keeping their runways safe and comply with ICAO GRF with minimal effort.

Lufft’s sensors are reliable under any weather conditions and maintenance-free.

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Wind turbine with ultrasonic anemometer Lufft Ventus

Meteorology and Climatology

In locations where reliable atmospheric data is key to do professional research or to retain safety and make decisions, OTT HydroMet designs customized solutions, seamlessly combining first-class sensors, dataloggers, software, and communication modules from its comprehensive hardware and software portfolio.

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OTT HydroMet Blog

Discover insights in Hydrology, Meteorology and Solar Energy and learn more about product applications and outcomes.

OTT HydroMet van on a service trip in Scotland

Podcast: A Trip to the Scottish Islands – On-Site Checks & Calibration

The Scottish Islands are, undoubtedly, a beautiful part of the world. Amid awesome cliffs, green valleys, and wild beaches, the main means of transport are the ferries bringing people and...

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Railway weather monitoring station with a Lufft WS601 weather sensor

Preventing Rails From Heat-Induced Deformation in the UK

Network Rail has installed 60 new sustainably powered weather stations to monitor the country's railways from London Euston to Carlisle. The product of choice is a Lufft WS601, that provides...

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wildfire in the United States

Ceilometers Detect Wildfire Smoke From the U.S. West Coast Crossing the Ocean

2020 will go down in history not only as the year of COVID-19 but also of devastating wildfires. Their consequences reach out far. Harmful plume particles float over thousands of...

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