Lufft CHM 8k Ceilometer

Lufft CHM 8k Ceilometer

Product Number: 8349.02-010

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Highest confidence under low clouds

The new Lufft CHM 8k ceilometer empowers meteorologists at weather services and airports to make the right decisions with highest confidence and minimal maintenance. Especially in the critical height below 1 km, the Lufft CHM 8k detects cloud bases in any place and season with outstanding precision and reliability. Internal data storage and a battery backup enable unmatched sensor uptime and data availability even at the harshest conditions.


  • Aviation
  • Meteorology Observations
  • Meteorology Research
  • Solar Site Prospecting & Research



Confident detection of low clouds with minimum False Alarm Rate (FAR) and an outstanding Probability of Detection (POD) even at extreme conditions


Maximum sensor uptime and data availability thanks to integrated data storage and a robust battery backup (-40deg to 60deg).


Safe and certified operation in compliance with UL50e (North America), TÜV (Europe), ICAO GRF.