Integrated Real-Time Water Quality Management System - Changjiang Water Resource Commission Project, China

Changjiang Water Resources Commission (CWRC / Project Sponsor) of the Peoples Republic of China, requested a grant from USTDA to conduct a Feasibility Study and Pilot to assess the feasibility of an Integrated Real-Time Water Quality Remote Monitoring System (IRTWQRMS).

The IRTWQRMS Feasibility Study and Pilot Project (IRTWQRMS-FSP / Study) would provide the roadmap for the comprehensive full-scale IRTWQRMS for the Han (Hanjiang) River, and help secure funding for the project.

Integrated Real-Time Water Quality Remote Monitoring System Protects the Han Watershed

The full scale IRTWQRMS Project will protect the vital Han (Hanjiang) Watershed, by providing a real-time monitoring and emergency alert and response system allowing authorities to react rapidly to environmental threats to water quality.

Scope of Work

The Han (Hanjiang) Watershed is crucial as it is the primary source for the most important portion of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project (SNWD) - an ambitious project to supply scarce water to parched northern China, from water resources in southern China.

The project was envisioned more than fifty years ago and the total project will take almost as long to complete. It will supply northern China with almost 45 billion meters of water per year and cost over $62 billion USD, almost twice the cost of the Three Gorges Dam Project.

The Gauging Station Included Multiple Parameters:

The DCU was housed in a weather-proof NEMA-4 steel enclosure. All instrumentation (data logger/ transmitter, bubbler, battery, solar power regulator, surge protector) was mounted on a panel inside the enclosure.

All the cables for the solar panel and antenna are routed through a conduit to minimize any exposure to atmosphere and also prevent any vandalism.

The cable from the DCU to the Precipitation Gauge & Water Quality sensor was trenched and buried underground in a metal conduit for protection from rodents, animals or any other natural/environmental damage.

Communications Included:

Each station will be equipped with a data logger with IRIDIUM SBD Transceiver and GPRS/GSM Modem. The data logger will monitor instantaneous water level and water quality parameters and will transmit twice a day every 12 hours using a IRIDIUM. Data can be transferred as often as required by the user.

The web server opens a socket connection and receives the incoming data via a secured connection.

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