VENTUS-X-UMB Field Test in Norway

At times of snowfall, low temperatures, and high wind speed, technical equipment is invariably working at the limits of its capability.

The Lufft VENTUS-UMB ultrasonic wind sensor has no moving parts that are subject to wear. The sensor detects wind directions and velocities up to 90m/s, with frequencies of up to 4Hz, and stays maintenance-free for a long period. Thanks to a built-in heater, it can measure wind speed and direction even at -40° C.

Mountain-Top Trials

In a project launched in January 2016, the Norwegian airport systems integrator Avinor tested a Lufft VENTUS-UMB with enhanced heating power of 240W.

Two of the new models were installed at the most extreme sites in Norway, where they have been delivering reliable wind data ever since.

One model was placed at the top of Kjølen mountain, close to Tromsø Airport, at a height of 2,600 ft. Here, the average winter temperature is -5°C.

The second sensor, the VENTUS-X, was installed at the top of Rustadfjell mountain near Bardufoss Airport. At 1,100 ft, the site commonly experiences temperatures of -10°C in January.

Both locations are very windy and experience numerous snow showers in winter.

The new sensors are much improved and stability is now as good as our users could wish.”  - Avinor system manager Sander Bjørn Hansen

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