All-Weather Meteorological Stations in Hungary

For a development project on the Hungarian hydrometrical network (operated by the Hungarian Meteorological Service - OMSZ), 141 new meteorological measuring stations were installed across the country.

The all-weather climate stations had to provide reliable and accurate data in all climate conditions, especially in the Carpathian Basin, where climate varies widely. The average annual precipitation amount is 500-750 or 20-30 inches - liquid or solid.

During the exploratory phase the OMSZ performed some market research, and as a result they selected the OTT Pluvio² as the best solution.

Successful Testing With the OTT Pluvio²

After a year of successful testing, the OMSZ took over the new network and even ordered another 15 units of OTT Pluvio². Today, 60% of all meteorological stations in Hungary are using the Pluvio2 and OTT HydroMet has become the exclusive supplier for all kinds of precipitation gauges in Hungary.

Read a detailed project description here

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