Water Quality Monitoring Buoy in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) established a Water Quality monitoring network comprised of four buoys at the Khalifa Port Industrial Zone (KPIZ).

SUTRON Corporation Delivered the Four WQMN Stations with the Following Modules:

  • GPRSLINK with built-in GPRS modem for data collection, storage and transmission
  • External GPRS Antenna and cabling
  • 30 W Solar panel
  • 24 AH Battery
  • Water Quality Manta2, Multiprobe 3.0 in. (supplied by client)
  • Buoy (supplied locally)
  • Real-Time SUTRONWIN Web Hosting, map displays, charts, graphs, reports, data processing and alarms.

Results and Benefits

SUTRON configured each Buoy Water Quality Monitoring Station to measure the parameters every 10 minutes and transmit data every hour to the SUTRONWIN server.

All measured values are also stored in the internal flash memory of the data logger and stored in SUTRONWIN server.

The network allows the ADPC/KPIZ Port to monitor water quality in the industrial zone specifically at the Causeway, RGCorals, EMAL_Intake and SWC_Outfall.

Via the remote WQMN and SUTRONWIN Web Hostings, the ADPC mission is to implement an action plan when one or all stations in the WQMN network go above the critical set threshold. Thus the KPIZ Ports will be enabled to be environmentally friendly by protecting and improving water quality.

SUTRONWIN web hosting receives real-time data every hour. SUTRONWIN also allow the user to easily locate each station on the map, allowing charts, graphs, reports, data processing and alarms.

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