Customized Stream Gauging Stations

OTT HydroMet's SUTRON Corporation's customized, high accuracy Stream Gauging Stations offer a wide variety of economical, precision components.

Manufactured with the Highest Standards

Built, integrated and tested in the USA per strict ISO 9001:2008 standards, each Stream Gauging Station is ruggedized to operate dependably even under the harshest environmental conditions ( -40°C to +60°C).

The stations consist of weather-proof (NEMA4 or 4X) enclosures and the highest quality hydrological and meteorological dataloggers, communications and sensors.

Completely customizable, the stations are also available in many different configurations. 

Features and Benefits

Real-time Stream Gauging Station communications (up to four telemetry types simultaneously) 
All Stream Gauging Stations include SUTRON-manufactured state-of-the art dataloggers as well as the most advanced communications technology available and are 100% customized to meet local site conditions and demand and include:

Highest Level of Customer Service in the Industry
Our unparalleled level of customer service is the key to SUTRON’s success. We have a dedicated team of customer service representatives. We offer free technical support via email, skype or phone as long as you own our products.

Excellence, Dependability & Consistency since 1975
We’re proud of our reputation for field-proven dependability & consistency. Today, there are many USGS hydro-met stations in the US operating right now using a SUTRON datalogger installed 25 years ago.

Environmental Conditions
All SUTRON Corporation equipment are provided to meet the harshest and extreme environmental temperature conditions (-40 dec C to +60 Deg C).

Two-Year Warranty
All SUTRON manufactured products stations and systems comes with a standard two year warranty. The buy-ship or third party items carry the original manufacturer’s warranty. Some sensors may come only with one year warranty.

Free Lifetime Technical Support for all SUTRON-Manufactured Equipment
OTT Hydromet guarantees that equipment manufactured by SUTRON’s Production Division will receive support (phone, email, Skype, Go-To-Meeting) for the lifetime of the instrumentation, even beyond the Warranty period.

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