Groundwater Project

Aquifer Monitoring Around the Northern Texas Panhandle

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To make wise decisions concerning the district’s water resources and identify future groundwater concerns where 95% of the water from the Ogallala aquifer is used for crop irrigation.


37 monitoring wells were equipped with OTT ecoLog 500’s for groundwater level measurement. SUTRON Wellcaps and OTT PLS pressure sensors allow 11 remote stations to send daily data through Iridium satellite.


The easy and efficient telemetry set-up that allows data from each station to travel to the local servers resulted in an online interactive map with near real-time groundwater data to share with the district.

"It’s great how readily accessible this data is. Someone can come in and see their own area, and how it compares to other areas. You can consider putting in a new well, plan upcoming costs, and more."

Odell Ward, Program Coordinator - NPGCD


White Paper: Groundwater – Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Learn why groundwater monitoring is important for water use, drought, and more.


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