Photovoltaic (PV) Performance

Reliable Performance Ratio Requires Accurate Measurements

The performance of (PV) does not just depend on the availability of the Sun. Many factors influence the performance and efficiency of operation and maintenance of solar energy generation systems such as: solar irradiance, soiling, temperature, precipitation and wind.

Measuring these influencers is vitally important to know exactly what is affecting the energy output, which will help you make crucial investment decisions.

ISO and IEC compliant - In PV there are several guidelines and standards to operate by. Whether you choose to comply with Class A, B or C, we offer a solution for every class.

Solutions for Solar Energy Explained in the TV show “How it's Done”

In RTL Z's television show 'How it's Done', Kipp & Zonen and Encon explain the importance of measuring solar irradiance and the soiling of PV panels at Zonnepark Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

The 3.8 MW solar park uses two pyranometers, one tilted and one horizontal, to measure the incoming radiation and compare with the output of the 11,000 solar panels.

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Solar Irradiance Monitoring in Solar Energy Projects

Learn What is Important in Solar Irradiance Measurements in Solar Energy Projects

Find helpful guidelines, optimal solutions and systems for Photovoltaic (PV), and Solar Energy projects. Includes practical information on site prospecting and the efficiency monitoring of solar power plants.

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Benefits of Accurately Measuring Solar Irradiance

Benefits of Accurately Measuring Solar Irradiance

This whitepaper outlines what is solar irradiance, examples of solar projects around the world and measurement best practices.

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Newsletter 41

Kipp & Zonen Newsletter #41

Includes information on DustIQ, a new way to measure the soiling ratio of PV panels.

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Newsletter 42

Kipp & Zonen Newsletter #42

Includes information on the Photovoltaic (PV) market, which is showing a rapid growth in the Netherlands.

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Newsletter 43

Kipp & Zonen Newsletter #43

China’s solar energy capacity continues to grow explosively. Read about China’s second big PV Pioneer Project (which uses Kipp & Zonen solutions).

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components of solar radiation

Components of Solar Radiation

A detailed image showing the solar radiation components using the example of the Kipp & Zonen SOLYS2 sun tracker.

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DustIQ – PV Soiling Measurement System

Soil on the panel glass is one of the major problems in the solar energy market. DustIQ monitors the loss of light transmission caused by dust on PV panels using Kipp & Zonen’s new and innovative Optical Soiling Measurement (OSM) technology.

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In the Field

Water Quality Monitoring on the Mississippi River

Leading PV in Datong, Shanxi with 14 Solar Monitoring Stations

The first PV project in Datong, China was monitored with Kipp & Zonen Solar Monitoring Stations.

The project is part of the “PV Leader Program”, launched in 2015 by China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) to promote the manufacture and use of the latest technologies of solar energy PV modules.

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Smart Solar Monitoring or Photovoltaic Monitoring with Smart Weather Sensors

Smart Solar Monitoring or Photovoltaic Monitoring with Smart Weather Sensors

When selecting a suitable pyranometer for photovoltaic monitoring, the company “Solare Datensysteme GmbH” from Germany opted for the Lufft WS501 All-in-one weather station. According to the user, the pyranometer delivers the most precise measurements for the overall irradiance and serves to measure the exact local prevailing overall irradiance at large plants.

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