Smart Solar / PV Monitoring with Smart Weather Sensors


When selecting a suitable pyranometer for photovoltaic (PV) monitoring, Solare Datensysteme GmbH selected the Lufft WS501-UMB All-in-one weather station.

According to the Company, the WS501-UMB Pyranometer delivers the most precise measurements for the overall irradiance and serves to measure the exact local prevailing overall irradiance at large plants.

The pyranometer was installed independent of module alignment. The sensors are connected with the communication devices (solar-Log - Data Logger with web-portal) via UMB- or Modbus-protocol.

Benefits of the WS501 All-in-One Sensor:

Another Company - Meteocontrol GmbH, also uses the compact weather stations WS501-UMB and WS600-UMB with their PV monitoring.

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