Transforming Data into Enabled Decision-Making

In a rapidly growing world of information, data is more important than ever. This is true for water and weather monitoring—there is a need for almost instantaneous measurements from field to database and aggregation of multiple data sources like APIs, LIMS, GIS, and SCADA/Historian in order to make informed, confident decisions using timely and accurate information.

OTT HydroMet offers a range of software solutions that can be quickly and easily configured to deliver relevant data where and when it is needed most. Through these highly customizable software solutions, data can be acquired, processed, modelled, and published in real-time for data visualization, network management, and decision support. Display data in a multitude of ways (such as plotting, graphing, intuitive mapping, rating curves) and download as needed. Enable automation of routine tasks to improve quality assurance and quality control to ensure confidence in your real-time data. Provide access to custom dashboards, rich statistics, and live reports to stakeholders across an organization. Take direct actions using this data such as changing the setup and network settings, performing diagnostics, verifying data accuracy when using two-way communication, and turning equipment on/off remotely.

Reliable data aids in identifying long-term trends, managing risk of critical events like flooding, and improving operational efficiency. Advanced interactive modelling and forecasting with visualized trends can alert resource, emergency, and operations managers to permit quick and confident decision making. Rich monitoring data enables you to be better prepared for site visits and address critical environmental challenges anytime, anywhere.

Introducing AQUARIUS Software

OTT HydroMet is now offering a highly customizable water resource monitoring software system that is revolutionizing the way water data is managed, analyzed, stored, and delivered.

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Proactive Flood Management for Canada‘s Biggest Cities

Learn how data-driven watershed management enables proactive flood response in this webinar recording.

In this 30-minute webinar recording, you’ll learn how they proactively protect citizens and ecosystems, from monitoring station setup and maintenance all the way to situational response and real-world lessons from some of the region’s most significant environmental events in recent years.

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Webinar: Data-Driven Watershed Management for Canada's Fastest Growing Cities

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A Thirst for Knowledge E-Book

A Thirst for Knowledge: Harnessing the Power of Data to Solve Our Water Challenges

An exploration of four key water data management milestones to ensure the sustainability of our most valuable resource.

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5 Key Requirements for Modern Systems

5 Key Requirements for Modern Systems

See which 5 elements are essential to a hydrological monitoring program.

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5 Reasons to Modernize Water Data Management

5 Reasons to Modernize Water Data Management

We outline how software can be a wise investment for timely, accurate, defensible water knowledge.

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Hydromet Cloud Video

Hydromet Cloud Video

See the different capabilities within Hydromet Cloud, our cloud-based software platform.

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 In the Field

City of Orlando

Optimizing Data Intelligence helps Orlando Protect its Citizens During Heavy Rain Events

Through AQUARIUS software, the City of Orlando was able to:

  • Create and retrieve customized intensities to evaluate street flooding and protect the city against liability.
  • Quickly pull historical statistics such as meteorological data, to compare, visualize and proactively forecast potential problems.
  • Easily access centrally managed data from all monitoring locations in real-time through online dashboards, allowing stakeholders to prioritize and focus their efforts where needed.
  • Share timely data, as well as alerts and notifications, regarding rainfall and stage, and enable access to data related to the health of Orlando’s water bodies.

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AQUARIUS FERC Regulatory Compliance & Water Accounting

FERC Regulatory Compliance & Water Accounting

See how a Northern California power agency was able to streamline their complex regulatory reporting, plus:

  • Manage & compute all water data in accordance with USGS standards
  • Build more accurate rating curves in less time

All through AQUARIUS Time-Series software.

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SJR - St. Johns River Water Quality Data Management

St. Johns River Water Quality Data Management

The water quality monitoring program team at the St. Johns River Water Management District faced a challenge of decentralized data. Learn how they tapped into the power of modern centralized software with quality assurance and corrections, self-serve analytics, and easy-to-use dashboards to make critical decisions on a daily basis.

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