SUTRON AutoPoll Software

SUTRON AutoPoll Software

Product Number: S8204-1096

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AutoPoll software is a Sutron-specific PC program used to pull scheduled or on demand data from multiple Sutron hydromet logging sensors or stations. In addition to conducting data transmission, AutoPoll simplifies measurement network management, serving as a central source to input system commands, schedule downloads, adjust configurations based on connection type, and establish data transfer protocols. Tethered to a Sutron data logger through its serial and Ethernet connections, AutoPoll enables remote transmission through direct serial, phone modem, IP modem, and telnet communication pathways. As the program supports multiple transmission protocols, including MODBUS, SCP, and Command Line, it is capable of sending and retrieving information from virtually anywhere in the world. AutoPoll streamlines data extraction processes through scheduled and conditional downloads, such as whenever the app launches, when the system is idle in between measurements, or upon PC reboot, which automates transmission and provides for unattended operation.


  • Data Visualization and Analytics