Runway Condition Reporting

Meet Global Reporting Format (GRF) regulations with more than a glance

Lufft MARWIS – Mobile advanced road weather sensor

Observation alone cannot prevent runway excursions. Precise, real-time values are necessary for every centimeter of airport runway and road surface.

With a frequency up to 100 times per second, MARWIS calculates information about temperatures, dew points, road conditions, ice percentages, and more.

Discover the sensor and software combination that provides reliable, critical measurements while automatically completing the Runway Condition Report. Meet the MARWIS.

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Turn any vehicle into a real-time, runway and road weather information system

  • Automated ICAO required Runway Condition Reporting anytime runway conditions change
  • Fast installation and set up with no calibration required
  • Easy transfer from one vehicle to another without fixed installation
  • Flexible data communication via Bluetooth, RS485, and CAN-Bus
  • Low maintenance, cost effective solution to RCR

Detect critical road and runway weather parameters

MARWIS Specifications

Parameters Measured

Road condition (dry, moist, wet, ice, snow, slush, chemically wet), road surface temperature, ambient temperature, water film height up to 6mm, dew point temperature, relative humidity, ice percentage, friction (calculated)

Measurement Technology

Optical LED transmitters, photo receivers, pyrometer, infrared

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Take a drive with the MARWIS

Lufft MARWIS Airport Demo

Join Jeff Cole, Business Development Manager for Aviation at OTT HydroMet as he takes us on a ride to demonstrate the capabilities of the Lufft MARWIS for assessing runway conditions.

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