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How Certain are Your Measurements?

Strictly speaking, even a measuring instrument manufactured to the highest standards still lacks a certain ingredient. Regular calibration of all measurement equipment is the key to maintaining the original performance and accuracy.

We recommend calibration of measurement instruments as a basic rule every two years.


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Calibrations Services for Lufft Sensors


Calibrations Services for Lufft Sensors

We offer instrument calibration services for almost all our models and sensors of environmental measurement equipment, including those for detecting temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, and flow.

Our team of qualified technicians, working in our in-house laboratory, ensures that your instruments perform as they should and conform to all relevant manufacturer standards.

We will issue you a detailed calibration certificate outlining the calibration results of your equipment within a few days. All our lab certificates are traceable to national and international standards, specifically ISO:9001. We offer a fast, reliable, and competitive service for all your sensor equipment calibration needs.

In our calibration laboratory, your instruments are calibrated to meet your individual requirements. The calibration is performed in specifically equipped laboratories, including wind tunnels and climate chambers.

Our services cover the entire spectrum of our product range: temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind, precipitation, and radiation. These services are operated according to common factory and ISO: 9001 requirements.


Specific delivery times are available on request or by arrangement. For more information about our calibration services, please contact us at


DAkkS Accredited Calibration Service (Temperature & Pressure)

Specific to Temperature and air pressure, our laboratory is accredited by the DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle = German accreditation body). 

The calibration laboratory is flexibly accredited for calibrations according to DKD guidelines 5-1 and 5-3, as well as in the field of air pressure. We operate according to the latest editions of DKD guideline 5-1:2023, DIN EN 60751:2023, and ERAMET CG17_V4:2019. You can download the certificate here.



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The Kipp & Zonen Calibration Services

Kipp & Zonen Calibration

Regular calibration of all measurement equipment is the key to maintaining the original performance and accuracy. We recommend calibration of the sensitivity of our radiometers every two years.

The individual sensitivity of a Kipp & Zonen radiometer is determined under the measurement conditions stated on its calibration certificate and is valid at the date of first use. If the radiometer is carefully stored in dark, warm and dry conditions and desiccant is changed as required, the sensitivity will not change. Many factors affect the measurement uncertainty of a radiometer under varying measurement conditions that differ from the calibration conditions, but the non-reversible effect on sensitivity is mainly caused by exposure to solar radiation. The physical properties of any optical radiometer change due to ultraviolet (UV) radiation affecting diffusers, optical filters, photodiodes, and the black absorber coating of thermopile detectors.

Kipp & Zonen specifies this ageing affect as ‘non-stability (change/year)’ and, in general, it will take about two years to noticeably affect the accuracy of measurements. It is for this reason that Kipp & Zonen recommends you calibrate your radiometers at least once every two years.

However, industrial customers using our products in testing, quality or process control (including solar energy) may have internal QA/QC procedures that require annual calibration. Certain industry standards, such as IEC 61274-1, March 2017 Photovoltaic system performance – Part 1: Monitoring, may also specify a yearly calibration interval.

Factory standard radiometer calibrations always nearby

For your convenience, Kipp & Zonen operates a network of centrally managed calibration facilities around the world that can also offer the most common pyranometer repairs.

Your Advantages Are:

In addition, our offices can calibrate albedometers, most pyrgeometers and the CNR4 net radiometer; using the same equipment and procedures as at the factory.

Pyrheliometers, UV radiometers and some specialized products can only be calibrated at the factory.

Get in contact with us and we’ll get you in touch with our nearest calibration facility to coordinate your calibrations!

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OTT Rating Tank – Calibration of Current Meters

Calibaration rating 1

Calibaration rating 2

Calibaration rating 3

Which Devices can be Calibrated?

In addition to mechanical current meters, we calibrate magnetic inductive instruments like OTT MF Pro Velocity Sensor. And of course, anyone who still works with the OTT Nautilus will be served too.

The Devices in Detail

  • Current meter on rod, 20 mm (various manufacturers)
  • Small current meter on rod, 9 mm (various manufacturers)
  • Universal current meter at middle piece, 25/50/100 kg
  • OTT Nautilus C2000 on rod, 20 mm
  • OTT MF Pro Velocity Sensor

What do we offer?

  • Cleaning, functional testing and repair
  • Quotation if major repairs are needed
  • Calibrations up to 10 m/s
  • Certificate

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The HYDROLAB Calibration Service


Calibration Services for HYDROLAB Sondes

Regular maintenance and calibration of all sensors is recommended at least every 90 days to maintain good quality data.

We offer a full factory performance test & evaluation on Hydrolab Sondes (HL & Series 5) & Surveyor’s (Surveyor 4A & HL).



Calibrating HYDROLAB

Included in Factory Sonde Performance Test & Evaluation:

  • Replace pH electrolyte, Salt Pellets, and Teflon junction
  • Replace LDO cap (if required) or DO electrolyte and membrane
  • Update firmware
  • Update hardware circuitry
  • Visually inspect all internal circuitry
  • Inspect all O-rings and seals; replace or grease as necessary
  • Install any fasteners needed and apply thread sealant or lock washers
  • Replace any missing dummy plugs or dust caps
  • Thoroughly clean the exterior of the Sonde, cables, and display
  • Clean and calibrate all sensors
  • Replace lithium battery for Real-Time Clock
  • Replace all desiccant and alkaline batteries

Person calibrating a HYDROLAB device

Included in Factory Surveyor Performance Test & Evaluation:

  • Replace lithium battery for Real-Time Clock
  • Replace desiccant and alkaline batteries
  • Update firmware
  • Charge battery
  • Test and inspect keypad and backlight
  • Perform a system test and evaluation with Sonde and cable
  • Test GPS and Barometric Pressure (if applicable)
  • Clean and inspect throughout
  • Test all system configuration (Surveyor) Cables ($95 each):
    • Inspect connectors and cable for defects and damage
    • Functional test with uncoiled cable
    • Re-coil cable
    • Clean Exterior of cable and connectors

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