A row of solar panels in full sunlight under blue skies that are supported by OTTHydroMet’s solar instruments.

Solar Radiation, Sun Tracking, and PV Soiling Instruments

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The Kipp & Zonen SMP10 pyranometer instrument presenting a white sun shield and a double glass dome.

Kipp & Zonen Pyranometers

Pyranometers are radiometers to measure solar or lamp irradiance on a plane surface.

The Kipp & Zonen SOLYS2 Sun Tracker instrument with optional top mounting plate, shading assembly, and radiometers.

Sun Trackers

All-weather, reliable, and affordable Sun trackers and computer based Positioners.

The Kipp & Zonen DustIQ Soiling Monitoring System that uses no moving parts.

PV Soiling Monitoring System

The DustIQ is a maintenance-free optical sensor to measure soiling on a PV plant.

The Kipp & Zonen Net Radiometer which consists of a pyranometer pair, one facing upward, the other facing downward, and a pyrgeometer pair in a similar configuration.

Net Radiometers

Net radiometers measure incoming and outgoing short-wave and long-wave radiation.

A close up of the high quality dome and diffuser on a The Kipp & Zonen UV Radiometer.

UV Radiometers

Broadband scientific UV radiometers adapted to UVA, UVB, and UVE (sunburn).

A Kipp & Zonen pryheliometer with a high quality connector shown in yellow and a screw-in drying cartridge containing a yellow dessicant.

Other Instruments

Browse Pyrgeometers, Pyrheliometers, Scintillometers, and other Kipp & Zonen sensors.

Explore Related Solar Applications

Smart Weather Monitoring for Solar PV

Smart Weather Monitoring for Solar PV

The weather has a big impact on solar PV plant performance. Measure atmospheric conditions with a compact, all-in-one smart weather station from the Lufft WS series.

Photovoltaic (PV) Performance

Find resources on Photovoltaic (PV) monitoring applications and solutions.

A close up image of a mounted Kipp & Zonen pyranometer used in a commercial Photovoltaic (PV) rooftop monitoring solution.

Rooftop Monitoring

Find resources on Photovoltaic (PV) rooftop monitoring applications and solutions.

A side shot of a Kipp & Zonen SOLYS2 Sun Tracker on an elevated platform under the sun.

Solar Monitoring Systems

Learn about methods and international standards for solar monitoring on utility-scale PV plants and C&I installations.

A Kipp & Zonen SOLYS2 Sun Tracker aimed skyward under a blue sky with another Kipp & Zonen instrument in the background.

Meteorology and Climatology

Explore why professionals in weather services and science rely on OTT HydroMet’s sophisticated suite of instruments.

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