Water Level, Discharge, Water Quality and Precipitation Instruments

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OTT Surface Velocity Radar and OTT Flow Meter

Discharge & Flow

Assess stream behavior with robust, accurate sensors that provide continuous, real- time data for seamless integration into your site specific rating curves.

SUTRON Compact Constant Flow Bubbler

Water Level

We offer radar, bubbler, shaft encoder, and pressure level sensors to measure water level or stage.

Hydrolab HL4 and HL7 multiparameter water quality sondes

Water Quality

Multi- parameter sondes measure a variety of water quality parameters for spot monitoring and long term deployment.

OTT Pluvio Rain Gauge

Precipitation Monitoring

Precipitation technologies range from high precision lasers and maintenance- free Doppler radar disdrometers, to precipitation gauges based on the weighing principle, as well as tipping buckets.

Featured Products

OTT PLS 500 Smart Pressure Level Sensor


Smart Pressure Level Sensor with internal humidity and position sensors for full confidence in your data.

OTT ecoLog 1000 water level logger

OTT ecoLog 1000

All- in- one water level monitoring solution with integrated cellular modem.

OTT Pluvio2 L all- weather precipitation gauge

OTT Pluvio2 L

All- weather precipitation gauge that uses superior weight- based technology to measure the amount and intensity of rain, snow, and hail.

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Aerial view of a stream flowing through a forest

Flow & Discharge

Discover why water resource professionals rely of OTT HydroMet's vast portfolio of hydrology sensors.

Flood waters with the City of Houston in the background

Flood Monitoring

Discover resources to implement and enhance your flood warning network.

Groundwater well releasing flowing water


Learn more about the growing need for accurate groundwater measurement and the innovative solutions available to do so.

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