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Seamlessly log, transmit, and visualize your environmental monitoring data

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Six OTT HydroMet datalogger and transmitters


Record data from sensors in the field and transmit that data back to the office at a specified frequency.

SDI Link, alt text – SDI Link Wireless Bridge

Telemetry Accessories

From cellular to satellite, discover the optimal transmission option for your monitoring station.

Three interfaces displaying LinkComm software features

Operating Software

User- friendly interface to set up, maintain, graph, and visualize data from your monitoring equipment.

Three computer screens displaying Aquarius software features

Network & Data Management Software

Acquire, process, model and publish your data in real- time with secure online access.

Featured Products

Front display of the SUTRON XLink 100 and 500 dataloggers

XLink 100 / 500

From cellular to satellite, discover the optimal transmission option for your monitoring station and explore recommended accessories.

Front display of the SUTRON Satlink 3 datalogger

SatLink 3

Cost- effective solution to measure, log, calculate, and transmit data from remote locations around the world.

Two interfaces displaying Aquarius Web Portal Dashboard]

Aquarius Software

Easily visualize, scan and QA/QC your data with best- in- class rating curves, automated error detection, and intuitive correction tools that compare historic time- series or discrete data with a defensible audit trail.

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The Earth as seen from space with lines representing global connectivity

Data Management

Discover resources to support you in finding the best data management solution for your unique monitoring needs.

Coding language overlaying mountain scenery


Explore how professionals in environmental monitoring have simplified their workflows with complete remote network management.

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