TMobile GPRS Activation

TMobile GPRS Activation

Product Number: TGPRS.ACT

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Deliver essential communications anywhere

Through the use of the Iridium® constellation of 66 Low-Earth Orbiting Satellites, any hydro-met station on Earth can be supported with wireless connectivity, whether on land or at sea, regardless of how remote the location may be. The presence of multiple satellites available for transmission provides two-way communication with an observation station at all times.

The benefits of Low-Earth Orbit Satellites

Wireless connectivity enabled by Low-Earth Orbit Satellites provides benefits such as low-latency, pole-to-pole coverage, minimal transmission delays, and reduced transmit power consumption; which prolongs equipment battery life in remote settings.

Carrier-specific cellular connectivity

In instances where a hydro-met station may be supported by existing, local cellular service, Sutron can provide fully provisioned and tested hardware to connect your equipment to the cellular carrier of your choice. In each instance of a cellular activation, OTT HydroMet supplies a private, static IP address for the corresponding equipment.

By the byte data plans

Whether supporting satellite or cellular connectivity, OTT HydroMet offers a number of low cost per byte data plans for purchase that may be configured or reconfigured depending on a user's shifting consumption.