SUTRON XLite Data Recorder, 8 Comms

SUTRON XLite Data Recorder, 8 Comms

Product Number: 9210-0000-3B





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The XLite 9210 Datalogger, a high performance data recorder & communications device for unattended, remote data acquisition, control & communications, is a multi-tasking logger with a 32 bit processor capable of making measurements & communicating simultaneously. XLite provides unparalleled sensor support through expansive I/O’s & built-in program libraries. Analog & digital modules plug into the I2C port. Support is also provided for single voltage, differential voltage, resistance, 4-20mA, frequency, counter, binary, binary alarm, greycode binary, smart serial (RS-232 and RS-485), SDI-12, etc.
With 32 MB of Flash disk for storage, the Xpert also has 4 communications serial ports for satellite transmitters, modems, radios & other serial communication devices.
Xlite provides a 2-line LCD character display & 3 front panel control
buttons, making it very simple to view data & make minor Setup
changes in the field.
Get data w/any communication interface, USB or SD memory card.


  • Data Collection & Telemetry

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Product Number: 9210-0000-3B
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Connect a wide variety of sensors to the system using built-in high-precision
analog & digital interfaces as well as via RS232, RS485, & SDI-12.

Easy to use

View data, calibrate & adjust the XLite using its built-in LCD & buttons.
Locally or remotely, all 9210 functionality is accessed through communications ports using easy to-understand set-up, data display & system
maintenance GUIs.

Easy to customize

Easily customize with BASIC or C++ routines to invigorate
any hydrological, meteorological &/or control application.