SUTRON XConnect Standard

SUTRON XConnect Standard

Product Number: 9300-0000-1



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XConnect is data collection, processing, and storage software used to retrieve scheduled or real-time information from field observation stations which may then be distributed to or analyzed through a variety of applications. XConnect supports conventional two-way communication paths, such as telephone, radio, or direct cable connection, as well as satellite transmission, storing raw and processed information in relational databases including Oracle®, Access, SQL Server, and MYSQL. XConnect acts as a base of command for automated communications from servers to networked remote transmission units. Through a series of modules, users may configure each component of the data collection process, from data decryption to flexible real-time analysis in tabular or graphical forms. Custom reporting and analysis are available through the XConnect modules XC DataView, XC Reports, and XC Reports Scheduler. These functions pull data for display, extrapolation, and reporting that may be scheduled at any time and interval. As data steams into the XConnect system, its module XC PostProc reads data from the sensor data tables, processes averages, minimums, and maximums, and stores this information in separate post-processed data tables. Quality flags monitor if any data items of calculations may be suspect. Satellite data transmission involves raw observational data that must be processed and decoded before it may be stored within common databases. Through the modules XC Mux and XC Decode, XConnect retrieves information from direct readout ground stations, stores it as ASCII files, and then decrypts the data with user-defined decoding and storage parameters.


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