OTT Orpheus Mini Level Logger, Alkaline, 0 - 20 m

OTT Orpheus Mini Level Logger, Alkaline, 0 - 20 m

Product Number: ORM020MALT

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The OTT Orpheus Mini is an integrated pressure sensor and datalogger for level measurement in surface and groundwater applications. It features a robust ceramic measuring cell for long term accuracy and its built in datalogger manages and stores all measurements at user-programmable intervals.


  • Groundwater


Complete solution

Pressure sensor with built-in data logger manages and stores pressure, depth to water, water level (stage), and/or temperature measurements at programmable intervals.

High reliability

Mechanical resistance to pressure overload and corrosive waters. Easy to maintain or clean - if necessary.

High accuracy

Ceramic pressure cell, unlike membrane technology, will not deform over time providing long-term measurement stability.

Simple maintenance

Infrared interface, batteries, and desiccant are accessible at the top of the well or pipe and no tools are required.

Measurement technology

Vented pressure cell to avoid data post processing by compensating the barometric pressure.

Flexible installation

Easily installs in wells or pipes of 1 inch diameter or larger with use of convenient adapter plates.