Kipp & Zonen SMP12 Class A Pyranometer
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Kipp & Zonen SMP12 Class A Pyranometer

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The new SMP12 is pioneering fast response spectrally flat Class A pyranometer that combines solid-state dome heating preventing dew and frost, with no moving parts, and best-in-class surge protection to maximize accuracy and minimize maintenance.

The SMP12 combines proven sensor and diffuser technology from the RaZON+ PH1 and PR1 radiometers with an enhanced version of the Smart interface and the low maintenance of the SMP10.

The SMP12 has an internal drying cartridge that will last for at least 10 years if the housing is not opened. This further reduces maintenance significantly.

Additional features based on customer feed-back are:

- Tilt sensor to enable remote checks of whether the pyranometer mounting alignment has been disturbed.
- Internal humidity monitor to provide confidence that the sealing has not been compromised, for example by an accidental impact.

The SMP12 has a 2-wire RS-485 Modbus® RTU interface but, unlike the other SMP models, it does not have an analog output. The characteristics of the thermopile detector provide a fast response time of less than half a second. The wide power supply range from 10 to 30 VDC makes integration into solar energy plant performance monitoring stations easy. SMP12 has class-leading electrical protection: 2-stage surge and reverse polarity on the power input and 3-stage surge protection on the RS-485 data lines.

Like all SMP series pyranometers, the calibrated sensitivity is stored in memory and the Modbus® irradiance value is directly in W/m2. Pyranometers can be exchanged or recalibrated and no changes in the plant monitoring data logger or SCADA system are needed.

SmartExplorer Windows™ software provides: data logging on a PC, display of data, changing RS-485 communication settings, setting the Modbus® address – and more. SmartExplorer is free and can be downloaded from this webpage.


ISO / IEC classification

ISO 9060 spectrally flat fast response Class A and IEC 61724-1 Class A monitoring, with ISO / IEC 17025 calibration.

Pioneering Class A pyranometer with integrated solid state heating and no moving parts

Heated dome to prevent dew and frost to achieve all-weather performance

Remote tilt angle and internal humidity monitoring

Tilt sensor to enable remote checks of alignment and humidity monitor provides confidence that the sealing has not been compromised

Enhanced surge protection

Best-in class surge protection conform to EN 61000-6-2 to minimize failure risks, and maintain performance

Minimized maintenance

No desiccant change for 10 years, no moving parts, best MTBF with 5 year warranty, RS-485 connectivity and Modbus® RTU protocol for easy integration with data loggers and SCADA systems

Smart Interface

2-wire RS-485 Modbus® RTU interface