ADCON A723 addIT Series Datalogger, 4 Radio Modem

ADCON A723 addIT Series Datalogger, 4 Radio Modem

Product Number: 100723000-C

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The A723 addIT is ADCON's best selling RTU - a very compact yet powerful integrated data logger with a 10mW UHF modem inside. In its robust aluminum case and a wealth of I/Os it is suitable for a large variety of applications, from agriculture to water management, from hydrographics to municipal leak detection.


  • Data Collection & Telemetry


SDI-12 Adapter on-board

You can connect up to 40 SDI-12 sensors to the internal adapter of the A723 Series 4. No external SDI-12 adapter is required. Use a standard 7-pin Binder cable as for all other sensors, plug it in, and set the driver in the Gateway.

Resolution of A/D Converter

The powerful Renesas CPU of the Series 4 addIT provides true 12-Bit resolution. This reduces the max. error caused by AD conversion from 0.1% to 0.025% Thanks to a highly accurate voltage reference this resolution is available over the full temperature range of the RTU, from -30°C to +70°C.

Stabilized Excitation Power

Ratiometric sensors require a stable excitation power. A723 Series 4 lets you select unregulated battery power, ranging from 5.6V to 7.5V, or stabilized and accurate excitation power from 3.3V to 5.5V.

Asynchronous Sampling

While by default all sensors are sampled in the same instant, you can now choose to first sample Port A, then Port B. This is advisable for all sensors that might influence each others readings, eg. because they are sitting in a conductive media like water or wet soil.

Pulse Counter Frequency

Count up to 30 pulses per second. That is of particular importance for high speed rain gauges, such as the Pluvio from OTT HydroMet, but also for conventional mechanical water and gas meters, and for electromagnetic flow meters.

30% more Battery Power, 80% more Solar Power

A723 addIT Series 4 comes with an industrial grade NiMH battery that can resist temperatures of up to 70°C (158°F) and offers superior capacity of 2100mAh. In order to get a proper charge into this battery the addIT's panel has 220mA output power at 9.2V.